If Patents Had Been Around In The Time Of Newton

from the first-to-file dept

Last month we noted how striking it was when even random web comics were mocking the ridiculousness of the patent system -- pointing to a comic from SMBC. Well, he's back with yet another, even more direct, mocking of the patent system. Behold, patents in the time of Sir Isaac Newton.
Of course, I think he missed out on another joke (and was disappointed it wasn't in the after comment) concerning how the Newton-Leibniz controversy would have played out in a first to file system vs. a first to invent patent system. Then again, perhaps only true patent system geeks would get that one.

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    Ninja (profile), 15 Oct 2012 @ 5:16am


    Seems you fail at interpreting sarcasm. And there is a particularly problematic point there: integrals are pretty much the foundation of most of what we have available today. I Newton managed to patent maybe we wouldn't have seen many of the innovations based on his methods that came to pass during the time the patent would be valid. This point is really well addressed in the cartoon and the rest is just sarcasm. Actually, the patent employee seems to be an improved version of reality.

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