Copyright Maximalists Can't Help But Inject Bogus 'Copyright Wins!' Argument Into Google/Publisher Settlement

from the seriously? dept

In the wake of the settlement concerning book scanning by Google and a variety of book publishers, the Copyright Clearance Center issued one of the more ridiculous statements concerning the situation, in which they basically read into the agreement something that was never there:
"Today's news not only further establishes the value of copyright, but also points to the importance of working with rightsholders when undertaking mass digitization. Collaboration is key when it comes to copyright."
First of all, nothing in the seven-year fight or the settlement helped to "establish the value of copyright." Quite the contrary. It seemed to show what a disaster copyright is today in that it could be used to delay the creation of an amazing resource for the world through highly questionable copyright claims. As for the argument that it's important to "work with" rightsholders when doing things like this, that too is misleading. All it showed is how those rightsholders can hold up the useful creation of such a resource -- and highlight why "permission society" is holding back innovation and better tools for learning and education.

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    bob, 9 Oct 2012 @ 12:06pm

    Et tu, copyright deniers?

    Oh cut the horse manure. They weren't maximalists, they just wanted a cut of the revenues that Google was going to get from giving away copies for free. That's why I'm calling all of you folks copyright deniers.

    And so what if it's a nice service. If I drove my car through the front glass of a store after hours, I would be creating a nice service for everyone in the neighborhood to get free stuff without waiting for the long lines at the cash register lines. And we all know from around here that if a business makes you wait for even one second, it's A-OKay to rob them blind.

    This was a total 1% move from the billionaires at GOOG. They went in, took what wasn't theirs, and then insisted that it was all cool and innovative. It comes pretty close right up to the way that Columbus sailed up to America and took it for his own. And those bogus opt-out settlements offered by Big Bully Google were just like the beads that were used to purchase Manhattan. And GOOG had the temerity to insist that they were providing free publicity to the authors. At least the beads were shiny and pretty.

    The fact is that the billionaires had to give up on this one. No one but the loons around here bought their insane copyright denying view of "fair use". And so we'll never learn how much money Google included in the secret resolution. We won't learn how many secret benefits they're giving the big publishers-- the ones who had the guts to challenge the billionaires on their 1%er game of taking it all and asking permission later.

    This absolutely proves how copyright is a valuable law for the little guy. The publishers were tiny compared to Big Search and they were still able to stand tall like David and insist that Goliath must pay them a fair share for their hard work.

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