Appeals Court Realizes Samsung Injunction Is For A Patent It Didn't Infringe On, Sends Case Back...

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There continues to be a flurry of activity and motions and such around the Apple/Samsung patent fight, and we're avoiding most of the play-by-play until something "big" happens. But today there was an interesting ruling from the appeals court, concerning the original injunction that Judge Lucy Koh issued, blocking Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 device (which is already a bit obsolete anyway). She had issued that injunction earlier in the case, before the jury ruled, and that actually has presented something of a problem. Among the patents that the jury said Samsung did not infringe was the one that Koh relied on to issue her injunction. Given that, the appeals court has sent the injunction back to Koh to reconsider. Of course, all this really reinforces is the ridiculousness of the patent system today: a judge can assume that an entire product line can be blocked because it's infringing on a particular patent... only to have a jury (which in this case clearly mostly sided with Apple anyway) decide that the patent didn't apply. When a system comes up with such arbitrary results, it's a sign that the system itself is broken.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 28 Sep 2012 @ 12:08pm

    strange how the US is just about the only place that Apple is winning these ridiculous patent suits. considering how, yet again Apple has infringed on another's patent (the clock app), isn't it about time it stopped all this suing bull shit and just went out into the market and competed with other companies regardless of which ones? i still reckon the only reason it stopped Samsung in the US when it did was to try to give itself no competition when the iphone5 came out. if i wanted a Samsung, i would've bought a Samsung. if i had wanted an iphone, i would've bought an iphone. taking away my right of choice for such selfish reasons and fear of another product selling more, because it's better, wont change my mind. i would wait and get what i wanted when i could. and look at all the problems, as usual, with the new Apple product. released too early, as usual, and still not tested fully so still riddled with bugs that the customer has to put up with until Apple decide to rectify them

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