Kickstarter Introduces New Rules To Try To Limit Disappointment

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There have been a few stories of late about the possibility of backlash over failed Kickstarter projects. After all, for all the cool things about Kickstarter, anyone investing in a project there is taking a risk, and some of that risk leads to dashed expectations. Kickstarter has apparently been taking those concerns quite seriously, and issued some rule changes directed at hopefully limiting the disappointment factor for supporters of physical products, mainly by doing more to highlight the risks and current state of the offerings.

New projects will be required to detail what the risks and challenges of the project are, and how they intend to overcome them. It should be pretty interesting to see how those sections turn out. To be honest, I could actually see that being really useful for people behind these projects, as it's not uncommon for enthusiastic creators to not even want to confront the risks and challenges they're facing. Forcing them to do so will hopefully lead to more realistic assessments of what can be done.

The other rule changes seem a bit strange to me, and I'm not sure they'll be as effective. The first is to ban renderings or simulations of products:
  • Product simulations are prohibited. Projects cannot simulate events to demonstrate what a product might do in the future. Products can only be shown performing actions that they’re able to perform in their current state of development.
  • Product renderings are prohibited. Product images must be photos of the prototype as it currently exists.
  • I can certainly understand why they're doing this, as it will clearly give a much more realistic picture of where things are at the moment. But it seems like requiring renderings and simulations to be clearly marked as such might be a more effective solution -- along with showing what the actual current state of the technology is. Since many of these projects need money to finalize development, it seems fair to show what they intend the final product to look like.

    The other ban is on offering multiple quantities of a reward, unless it really only makes sense that way (like where you need a pair of devices to make something work). That's to reinforce the idea that this isn't a "store" for pre-buying things, but to really get people to invest in the project itself. While it does often feel that projects got a bit lazy with upper tiers that were little more than "5 of x," I'm also not sure that this one really makes that much sense. Kickstarter defends the decision this way:
    The development of new products can be especially complex for creators and offering multiple quantities feels premature, and can imply that products are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship.
    I understand the line of thinking... but I could see that taking away value from potential buyers who are willing to take the risk and buy in on a product early, where they'd like multiple quantities.

    Either way, it's fascinating to watch how Kickstarter continues to evolve -- and to note that the company (as it has for a long time) seems very keen on listening to what people are saying, and figuring out reasonable ways to avoid any problems.

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    1. identicon
      kimberly, 21 Sep 2012 @ 7:25pm

      regarding the RIDICULOUS new RULES for kickstarter.

      this is a bunch of bullshit I don't understand why they would make people come out of pocket to make a functioning "anything"... the whole point to kick starter is to get funding for these projects. Some people don't have the money to even bring any part of their project to fruition. Basically this means they would have had received some type of funding before kickstarting.. isnt it the whole point of kickstart to give thou your kickstart??? getting prototypes of anything could cost an arm and a leg. if I were for helping fund a kick start project I would be more than glad to donate to somebody who has a 3 D rendering, or artist rendition, ok cool hand drawn blueprint if you will. and kick starters response to multiple products being shipped to funders, is ludicrous. we being funders already know what state the project is in at the time we donate. in the projects that I have helped fund they all clearly state that if they don't get appropriate funding we don't get a product. kickstart Representatives need to come up with a better answer than this, that's bullshit too. I appreciate the opportunity to donate for multiple products. usually I wouldn't be able to get multiple products after the project was funded. if I have made multiple purchases, it was to give family and friends. it would be way too expensive for me to purchase these gifts after the project is funded... if this really happens, people who are interested in donating and want multiple products they can simply request multiple products and say hey, I'll give you 80 bucks if you give me 5 instead of there being option of giving 25 bucks and only getting 1..... just sayin... but in reality the big picture is this, these ridiculous notions are just going to keep alot of potential kick starters away from Kickstarting. these people are going to lose their ability to fulfill a dream, help the economy in a small way, to help their families and futures in a big way. am I wrong in my thoughts on this?if I am please tell me... and I apologize for the poor grammar and capitalization, I'm using my voice text on my phone.

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