Both Major Parties Are In 'Vigorous' Denial About The Need For Copyright & Patent Reform

from the meaning-they-want-to-please-legacy-funders dept

Last week we wrote about weaknesses in the Republican's platform on internet freedom, noting that the MPAA's endorsement of it showed that it wasn't recognizing the importance of fixing copyright law, rather than expanding it. And, of course, we've now been pointing out significant issues with the Democrat's platform as well. Once again, on internet and innovation issues it falls down completely when it comes to copyright and patent issues.

Tim Lee has a perceptive piece (as per usual) noting that both party platforms appear to be in denial about the need for copyright and patent reform. He also mocks how both talk about "vigorous" enforcement of certain laws when they relate to the internet (porn for the Rs and copyright for the Ds).

But the reality is that neither party is willing to take a really principled stand on the need to reform copyright and patent laws in the name of freedom and innovation. That's not surprising, really. Doing so in either party would upset some of the "old guard" who tend to donate a lot of money to political campaigns. But, from the viewpoint of what really matters when it comes to internet freedom and innovation, it's yet another sign that the major parties don't want to deal with reality.

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    That One Guy (profile), 6 Sep 2012 @ 4:38am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Well, way I see it, when all the choices presented are bad, you might as well go for the one who's at least honest about their intentions.

    Democrats, republicans... both are apparently doing their best to cause as much havoc and harm as possible, all the while claiming the exact opposite. With a madness inducing Elder god, you'll still have the havoc and harm sure, but at least he/it doesn't lie about it.

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