B-Movie Legends Troma Entertainment Releases 150 Films On YouTube

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Troma Entertainment is a giant in the B-movie world, creating and releasing tons of movies, including its most famous film, The Toxic Avenger. Company founder and film director Lloyd Kaufman (who has written a guest post for us in the past), recently alerted us to the fact that Troma has recently released 150 of its movies for free on YouTube, including some older films which they just distribute.

So, if you want to watch the 1952 classic, Abbot and Costello: Jack and the Beanstalk, or Bela Lugosi in The Corpse Vanishes or The Invisible Ghost you can. Or you can go for more modern fare like Zombie Werewolves Attack! and Blood, Boobs & Beast... starring JJ Abrams (in case you're wondering, that's actually a documentary about Don Dohler, another B-movie creator).

And because I can, I'll embed that last one here:
Kaufman has shown himself to be a filmmaker who truly understands how the internet can help him, rather than be something worth fearing, so it's great to see him fully embrace a platform like YouTube to distribute his flicks, and to not freak out about the fact that people can watch stuff for free (actually, to encourage people to watch stuff for free).

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 31 Aug 2012 @ 8:01am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "No, it wasn't. Look at your first comment. You came off like the snotty teenaged brat who think he knows everything when he clearly does not."

    My original question was perfectly legit and not at all "snotty". The question is "are you paying attention?", because I think you are a little too busy rushing to conclusions to realize what is actually happening. If you paid attention, you would be pushing the pirates hard to stop do that things can happen naturally, not forced at gunpoint.

    For this, I ask the question: Are you paying attention? Your answer was: "It's only people who can't read who seem to ascribe to me some sort of "defense" of infringement -- which is what you appear to be implying." - essentially, "fuck off, I didn't read your comment and I am not what you think I am". You then repeated most of those actually words in your second reply.

    I am not implying ANYTHING. I am implying only that you are missing the most obvious answer because you want another answer so much that you aren't paying attention.

    "No. That's what I've done. You just don't like the duck so you're pretending the duck is a pigeon."

    No, that's what I've done? Are you kidding? Best answer on hand? That's it? See above. I think you are missing something big, and your defense is to mirror my comment back to me? Wow. Not really sure how to answer this one except perhaps you might want to slow down your insult parade and actually think about what I am saying, not pass it off.

    "Heh. I'd argue that you're the one with the black/white view of the world. It's a shame too, because you're pissing off those you need the help of most. It's not a good way to adapt, which is why you're so clearly failing."

    Wow, another hard statement to deal with. First off, I am not in a position to need "adapting", I'm fine as is. You keep thinking I work for the RTAA and MPAA, which is just stupid. I don't run a movie studio, I don't run a record label. So let's just say your judgement is a little off on that. As for black and white, I would say that what I am seeing in this story is a remarkable shade of grey, the one you are missing - that producers will use the tools if and when the are beneficial to them, not because some 13 year old decided to rip their movies and stuff them on a torrent or file locker. It's a much more subtle view of what is actually going on, and you just don't seem to want to see it. You are too busy cheering a convert to the "lie down and take it like a good victim" club, and not enough about what truly motivates them - and what would make the Internet all you dream of without the legal dramas.

    "Hahahahahah. That describes you a hell of a lot more than it does me. You expect the world to just do what you want them to do, and they're not."

    See above. I don't know what you think I am doing, exactly, but you missed it. More monotone here, you expect everyone that opposed what you think to be an industry shill or player. How wrong you are.

    "As for Step2, the site has done exactly what we needed it to do"

    If "nothing anyone can see" was the goal, you hit it dead center. I cannot imagine something that is almost totally inactive save for Techdirt staff and flunkies posting being a success, unless you are scamming money out of companies making them think there is actually public discussion of the issues.

    "If that's a failure, I hope to keep failing that way over and over and over again. Perhaps, when you're older, you'll learn that not everything is so black and white, and that in all those other colors out there, you don't always know what's going on."

    So enlighten us, oh guru of the universe - how does a chat board that has no users, no posts, and no activity end up being so profitable? Come on, case study time. This is one area where most of the rest of us aren't seeing much color from a site that gets no real activity - especially consider the begging posts you have made on this board trying to get people to go over and post. That is more telling than most other things.

    So... case study, or more denial?

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