B-Movie Legends Troma Entertainment Releases 150 Films On YouTube

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Troma Entertainment is a giant in the B-movie world, creating and releasing tons of movies, including its most famous film, The Toxic Avenger. Company founder and film director Lloyd Kaufman (who has written a guest post for us in the past), recently alerted us to the fact that Troma has recently released 150 of its movies for free on YouTube, including some older films which they just distribute.

So, if you want to watch the 1952 classic, Abbot and Costello: Jack and the Beanstalk, or Bela Lugosi in The Corpse Vanishes or The Invisible Ghost you can. Or you can go for more modern fare like Zombie Werewolves Attack! and Blood, Boobs & Beast... starring JJ Abrams (in case you're wondering, that's actually a documentary about Don Dohler, another B-movie creator).

And because I can, I'll embed that last one here:
Kaufman has shown himself to be a filmmaker who truly understands how the internet can help him, rather than be something worth fearing, so it's great to see him fully embrace a platform like YouTube to distribute his flicks, and to not freak out about the fact that people can watch stuff for free (actually, to encourage people to watch stuff for free).

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  1. icon
    PaulT (profile), 31 Aug 2012 @ 6:53am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "How many times have you said piracy is inevitable, so deal with it? "

    Stating blatant facts is wrong now, and you'll blame the person pointing them out for somehow creating them in the first place? Yeah, that's the level of intellectual prowess we expect from you.

    "I am not insisting anything. I am observing, and calling a duck a duck."

    You mean, like saying "piracy happens"? I thought that was wrong and evil now.

    "you may think you aren't a duck, but with all the quacking and feathers and flapping wings, it's pretty hard to say otherwise."

    He's made of wood?

    "Understanding that is perhaps the first step for you to understand why Step2 can't get off the ground."

    We're still awaiting facts from you as to why this is so (no, counting comments doesn't count), and also details on how your own business ventures are doing since you're oh so superior. What are you waiting for?

    Oh, and still awaiting that citation on what Mike pirates. You do have that evidence and not just pulled another false assumption out of your ass, right?

    "You can't just declare something right and expect everyone to do it, when it just isn't right."

    So why do you keep doing it then?

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