Life Imitates Conan O'Brien As Samsung 'Opens Apple Store'

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Just a few weeks ago, Conan O'Brien did a satire video about the Samsung/Apple lawsuit, in which someone pretending to be a Samsung VP "defended" the company against charges of copying Apple, but everything he did, obviously, made it look like Samsung was copying Apple:
In that, there's an amusing part, where the "VP" says "Don't believe me? Then come to our retail stores where you can talk more about our products with a 'Samsung Smart Guy.'"
Truth, it seems, often matches fiction. Down in Australia, Samsung has now opened its own retail store that bears such an uncanny resemblance to the design of Apple's stores that the always-funny John Paczkowski brilliantly titled his article about it: Samsung Opens New Apple Store in Australia.
Can you tell which picture was from the Conan O'Brien video and which actually came from this store?

Oh, did we mention that the Samsung store is... one block away from an Apple store? And, sounding almost exactly like the faux Apple VP in the O'Brien video, an actual Samsung VP told a reporter that Apple "didn't even come into the equation" when planning the store.

I'm firmly of the belief that the whole legal fight between the two companies is silly, and that they should just compete out in the market, but you have to admit that the resemblance here is a bit uncanny.

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  1. identicon
    Wally, 24 Aug 2012 @ 11:47am

    In retrospect...

    I will say this now so everyone gets the idea. Both companies have been extremely stupid in the matter. Yes Apple with its industrial design case (I hate to say it but...."Rounded Corners"). Yes Samsung with cellular wireless technologies it doesn't own. Yes Apple and Samsung's Lawyers both jibed by Judge Kho questioning them whether they were smoking crack.

    All this amounts to is two companies having a cock fight to see whose penises are bigger.

    Under Steve Jobs, Apple would have settled the case by now by negotiating compensations to both parties involved that favored EVERYONE. Not very many people realize that most post 2007 iDevices carry an LG screen. That was how Steve Jobs ran Apple. He negotiated and settled licensing agreements.

    Now we have Tim Cook. He decides to take the words of a man who was dying of pancreatic cancer, who at that moment had no idea what he was saying because of the pain he was in, into heart.

    For those who do not know how the pancreas works. I will give you a is meant to lower your blood sugar levels and inject insulin into the system to balance the blood sugar level in your system. Job's cancer made that process go overdrive. Jobs was diagnosed in 2009. He made his infamous "Going thermonuclear" comment in 2010. When you have low blood sugar, you get REALLY cranky, irrational and have no idea what you are saying.

    So really it is a "who has a bigger penis fight" between the two.

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