As Label Funds To RIAA Dry Up, Top Execs Still Make Over $1 Million

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Just a few days ago, in mocking the MPAA/RIAA filing with the US's IP Enforcement Coordinator, we noted that they mocked Kim Dotcom as being arrogant and wealthy, but ignored the fact that their own execs made a ton of money. We specifically called out RIAA boss Cary Sherman's 2009 salary. At the time, I realized it was odd that we hadn't seen any update on salaries, since they have to file these things publicly. Well, it turns out that the RIAA was just dragging its heels, and Torrentfreak highlighted the latest filing, noting mainly that the RIAA's budget is shrinking drastically, as members are paying less (in part due to massive consolidation from the major labels).

That said, it doesn't seem to have dampened the salaries the RIAA is paying its top execs. This report covers 2010, so it's out of date. Mitch Bainwol is still there and Cary Sherman is the number two guy, rather than top dog as he is now. Still, if being rich and arrogant is evidence of someone up to no good, the RIAA's top brass may have some explaining to do:
It certainly looks like nearly all of the RIAA's top brass are either deeply embedded in the top 1% of earners or very close to the borderline (about $380k per year). Mitch Bainwol and Cary Sherman each made over $1 million. Neil Turkewitz, Mitch Glazier and Steve Marks all made over $600k. Considering how phenomenally unsuccessful the RIAA has been over the past decade, you'd think that its members could find cheaper execs to keep driving the organization into the ground. As TorrentFreak points out, membership dues dropped from $49.76 million in 2008 down to just $27.88 million in 2010. You'd think that money could be spent somewhat more effectively, rather than pining for a past where they were gatekeepers in control of the market.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 17 Aug 2012 @ 11:12pm

    Re: #2 guy

    So, like bono then?

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