Craigslist Realizes It Went Too Far, No Longer Requires Exclusive License To Your Posts

from the non-exclusive dept

We've been noting some questionable behavior on the part of Craigslist lately, including its change in policy in which it tried to claim an exclusive license to everything you post on the site. This was of dubious legality already, and it appears that Craigslist has realized that it was going way too far. It's now dropped the exclusivity requirement, though has remained (typically) quiet about its thinking. Hopefully this is a sign that the company is actually paying attention to the public outcry about its recent bullying techniques. Craigslist (and Craig himself) have such a great reputation for being "good" players on the internet, it would be a shame if they hurt their reputation with moves that are so antithetical to the open internet.

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  1. identicon
    notbob, 11 Aug 2012 @ 8:57am


    Funny how everyone sees it as a keyhole, as opposed to what it actually is, an "open" break in a closed circle, or an O, if you will. Regardless, I think it's quite a clever symbol. But, for the OSI to go after OSHWA is just plain silly. What's next? Capital C is going to sue capital G for infringement?


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