From SOPA To Cybersecurity: All About Trying To Control The Internet

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Al Jazeera English recently did a very well done episode on its Fault Lines program about attempts by Hollywood and the US government to control the internet. It's about 24 minutes long and includes interviews with a bunch of people who were involved in protecting the internet discussing what happened. The first half is about the SOPA/PIPA fight, and how it was basically about Hollywood trying to hold back the internet:
Halfway through, it shifts to talk about the various cybersecurity bills and attempts to crackdown on Anonymous. Basically, it's about the government completely overreacting to what they believe are "threats" to the internet. Towards the end it also talks about how the government can and does abuse its powers, highlighting the case of Thomas Drake. It's a great video with some fantastic interviews, though it could do without the overly dramatic music. Still, it's good to see more people connecting the dots, and recognizing that much of what we're seeing these days is really just an attempt to "control" a platform that has been so successful because it was so wide open. Many of us believe that it needs to stay that way to remain a powerful tool for speech and for progress.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Aug 2012 @ 10:28am

    Re: Youtube commenter "techcafe" says it well.

    ""It sucks being a candlestick maker in a electric light world... unless you can get control of the government to pass laws to protect candle sticks - and attack electric lights. THAT is what the recording & copyright industry is doing; paying congress to protect their candle-making, while attacking the electric light makers (internet users) of the world.""

    yeah, especially when nobody has electricity, it's just a rumor, and nobody has a plan to put electricity in place, there is no business model to support it, nobody wants it, and there is no generating plants.

    Yup, it's good to be a candlestick maker.

    My suggesting to Mike Masnick and the Techdirt crew: Stop worrying about what the music and movie industries are doing. If they are useless, if they are "legacy players", and if they are on their last legs, what they do won't matter. You need to look at your own issues.

    If you really want to disrupt the music industry, try actually doing it with product, with business, and with some common sense. Don't just support piracy to cripple the existing industry - it doesn't make the feeble attempts to take over the music world look any better.

    Don't worry about tearing down what is already there. If you don't like the old neighborhood, go somewhere and build your own. Make it so good that everyone moves there, and you win the point.

    Until then, you are just crapping on something - but you cannot do better yourself.

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