Is Trolling Just A Form Of Practical Jokes?

from the it's-all-fun-and-games-until-the-rickrolls-begin dept

As the news of 4chan hitting 1 billion posts has come out, it only seems appropriate that the Surprisingly Free podcast has a fascinating discussion with Stefan Krappitz, the author of the book Troll Culture: A Comprehensive Guide, in which Krappitz tries to suggest that the common view of trolling as being a negative thing is mostly inaccurate. Instead, he suggests, trolling is more a form of practical joking -- "disrupting people for personal amusement." He even suggests that Socrates may have been an original troll, baiting people with silly questions and then mocking them. The overall discussion is quite interesting, even if it seems to underestimate the collateral damage that trolling can cause at times. Still, it does raise some good points, that certainly counter the more common view of completely condemning trolling.

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    PaulT (profile), 9 Aug 2012 @ 8:07am

    Re: Re: Re: No, trolling is worse. IT's a way to live in denial

    "How many Techdirtbags have claimed that a judge rendering an unfavorable decision:"

    I don't know, do you have a figure? It's certainly not 100%. I know plenty who haven't, so why do you leave them out of your ranting?

    "How many Techdirtbags claim that the DoJ, FBI. ICE, etc operate at the direction of the studios/labels?"

    There's plenty of evidence to support that claim, and the responses from people like you tend to be fact-free personal insults rather than valid opposition (see above). Again, why do you ignore those who don't do that, but still disapprove of their tactics? Inconvenient to your assumptions?

    "Demonoid's seizure is claimed to have been a "gift" to the US due to an upcoming state visit. "

    Evidence is welcome to the contrary, if you have it. Until then, the timing seems suspicious to say the least.

    "Megaupload's takedown is sworn to be payback for SOPA's demise."

    Evidence is welcome to the contrary, if you have it. Until then, the timing seems suspicious to say the least.

    "You people are the most paranoid, conspiracy lunatics I've ever come across and now you have the temerity accuse others?"

    Prove it. You have access to my entire posting history - where did I personally do anything like that? Citation, please.

    "You've been wearing that tinfoil hat so long you don't realize its still there."

    Citation, please.

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