Is Trolling Just A Form Of Practical Jokes?

from the it's-all-fun-and-games-until-the-rickrolls-begin dept

As the news of 4chan hitting 1 billion posts has come out, it only seems appropriate that the Surprisingly Free podcast has a fascinating discussion with Stefan Krappitz, the author of the book Troll Culture: A Comprehensive Guide, in which Krappitz tries to suggest that the common view of trolling as being a negative thing is mostly inaccurate. Instead, he suggests, trolling is more a form of practical joking -- "disrupting people for personal amusement." He even suggests that Socrates may have been an original troll, baiting people with silly questions and then mocking them. The overall discussion is quite interesting, even if it seems to underestimate the collateral damage that trolling can cause at times. Still, it does raise some good points, that certainly counter the more common view of completely condemning trolling.

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    Wally (profile), 9 Aug 2012 @ 12:39pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "A victim is only a victim if they allow themselves to be. I prefer to call it 'banter between persons that are in the same situation as myself but this does not necessarily make us friends".

    Trolling has been around since before the Internet even came around. I just recently recognized that my step-dad and his father were IRL trolls. I just never had a term for it. Now I do, and it's easier to call them out on it.

    The whole time I was growing up, I knew they were 'trolling'. I just didn't know how to point it out without getting in trouble. Now I just look em dead in the eye and tell em to quit trolling."

    Pertaining to the last paragraph, how many times has that ever stopped them without a group effort? Now in my father's case, if I, my wife, or my mother ask him to stop he does. But there are those who don't stop and are only out to troll for shock value and replete the same behaviors over and over. Most trolls I come across do actually stop when asked. But for the many who keep on going, you cannot stop them without being really harsh. My point is that it gets very old very quick.

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