Why Are New Zealand Prosecutors Seeking To Suppress All Images & Video Of Megaupload Raid?

from the seems-sketchy dept

As lots of publications are reporting, over in New Zealand, Kim Dotcom took the stand to testify about how the police treated him during the raid on his home as part of the international effort to seize and shut down everything related to Dotcom and Megaupload. I have no idea if the claims he makes of being kicked and punched and the like are accurate. I'm sure his detractors will question how trustworthy the testimony is. Frankly, I have no idea how accurate it is.

But here's the thing that I find most interesting. Buried all the way at the end of the Stuff article linked above is the following line:
The Crown is seeking for all images and CCTV footage from the raids to be suppressed.
To me, that seems like a point that should be made up top. If Dotcom is being inaccurate in his descriptions, then wouldn't showing the video and images that prove him wrong basically destroy all of his credibility and help the government with their case? The fact that they're trying to suppress that very evidence certainly lends credence to his claims, and (at the same time) calls into serious question the conduct of law enforcement during the raid.

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    JMT (profile), 7 Aug 2012 @ 5:47pm

    Re: More From Today's Stuff.co.nz

    Wow, there are some shockers in there...

    "Information provided to the STG by OFCANZ said Dotcom had access to weapons and was "exhibiting violence". The file included pictures of Dotcom grinning and holding a shotgun. It also said there was a "reasonable risk of injury or death" to police from Dotcom or those on his property.

    Asked if he believed there truly was a risk of death or injury, the sergeant answered "no". "

    That photo if Kim holding a shotgun has been floating around the web for years, before he moved to NZ. How it could an indication of anything is beyond me. If that's the rational the police are going to use to escalate from 'a knock on the door' to 'tactical assault', I would be very afraid if I was one of the people featured in the 1,240,000 results you get from typing "grinning holding gun" into Google Images. Even more scary is the 8,710,000 results from "smiling holding gun"!

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