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Too Much Free Time

by Tim Cushing

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advertising, huh?, piracy

mtv, viacom

MTV Europe Has Things To Say About Piracy And/Or Loading Bars Being Bad For Musicians

from the there's-a-'soylent-green'-joke-in-there-and-i'm-going-to-go-get dept

I don't know what a good anti-piracy ad looks like. I don't think I've ever seen one. Most of these promos come across with all the subtlety of a stereotypical Jewish grandmother bearing a sledgehammer, continually bashing the observer over the head with guilt and terrible physical theft metaphors. This new ad is different. Not better, but at least not more of the same. Hat tip to Dave Awesome Allen for pointing this out via his blog post entitled "Yeah, this will really work." (Yes. His middle name is actually "Awesome" and it's because of things like this. Also because of Gang of Four, Shriekback and the Elastic Purejoy. )

It's not much to look at from a distance:

But, fortunately, Huh Magazine has a selection of closeup shots to better show how piracy is swiftly turning musicians blue.

In the following two closeups, a few details stand out, which we decided to highlight for discussion purposes:

[1] A man who looks suspiciously like Kim Dotcom as portrayed by Rex Ryan gestures wildly at the cowering musicians while unwittingly providing user names and passwords to the onlooking Anonymous member. 

[2] Fanservice.

[3] Lyle Lovett is menaced by an eyeless worlock who uses his magicks to unsettle Lovett's hairpiece.

[1] A Hindu techie delivers a new monitor.

[2] A man requests a refund for his defective power strip, gesturing at the distinct lack of sockets.

[3] H8trs gonna h8.

A set of striking images to be sure, reminding each and every one of us John Q. Downloaders that your computer's hard drive is made out of people, and each download is slowly (depending on ISP) drowning them. Which is bad, because most of them own expensive electronic devices.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 30 Jul 2012 @ 4:06pm


    "So, if the apparent VAST majority is on the blue side, why are there so many laws being passed to favor the white side at the expense of the blue side? What happened to majority rule?"

    Because it's "One dollar, one vote", not "One person, one vote". Those that have enslaved the white side have more money than those that live on the blue side.

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