Syria Briefly Deletes Itself From The Internet, Because That Worked So Well In Egypt & Libya

from the not-so-smart dept

As various uprisings have occurred in the middle east, we've seen the regimes in Egypt and Libya try disconnecting the entire country from the internet, after realizing that opposition forces were making use of the internet to coordinate. In neither case did it prevent regime change soon afterwards. Soon after the situation with Egypt, we noted that Syria was actually trying to go in the opposite direction, trying to make use of the internet to communicate its own story... and to keep track of protestors. Of course, in the year plus since then, the situation in Syria has obviously gotten significantly worse and more contentious. And... late last week, it was noted that Syria appeared to remove itself from the internet for about 40 minutes. It was brief, but it at least suggests that someone in the government is toying with the idea of shutting off the internet. Of course, given the two examples of how well that's worked so far, it probably doesn't bode well for Syria's leadership.

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  1. identicon
    HerrinSchadenfreude, 24 Jul 2012 @ 10:00pm

    Here's Your Determined Populace Right Here .html?pagewanted=all

    Go ahead and tell us all about the poor suffering Al Qaeda gunmen who have been co-opting this "revolution" from the very start. Just like they did in Libya, and just like they're doing in Iraq.

    While you're stumbling around blind as a bat, be sure to explain how the US has any credibility claiming they have no idea whether or not the proxy army THEY created which has flown flags over government buildings in EVERY country they've overthrown since 2003, is actually involved with the "Free Syrian Army".

    Ahh, you've got both hands on your cup of Kool Aid. Mainstream Media flavor. I'll wait till you've finished.

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