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More And More People Sign On To The Declaration Of Internet Freedom

from the good-news dept

Earlier this month, we took part in the launch of The Declaration of Internet Freedom, which got a fair bit of attention, nearly all of it positive. There were a few critics, but it appears that an awful lot of people and organizations find themselves in agreement with these basic principles and are willing to sign on. Already over 1,500 organizations and 50,000 individuals have signed on, including at least two members of Congress (Ron Wyden in the Senate and Darrell Issa in the House).

There's also been a ton of ongoing discussion, including our own efforts over at Step2. These conversations continue to move forward, with various events being planned around the globe over the next few months to get more people talking about these principles and thinking about what they mean to them and why they're important. Either way, it seems this project is off to a nice start.

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  1. identicon
    MrWilson, 25 Jul 2012 @ 10:25am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    You seem to be looking to change human nature. There will always be an element of the population that looks to control the rest and exploit any situation or rules. If you don't write down the rules, they'll say there are no rules since they're not written down. If you write down the rules, they'll corrupt the system and change the rules to benefit themselves or they'll lawyer their way through loopholes in the rules. They'll keep pushing until someone somewhere gives them the inch that they need to go a mile. If anyone has the power to good, they will be able to do ill as well and, despite all good intentions, they will be corrupted to some extent by that power. Look at the French Revolution. The good guy revolutionaries become the bad guys and start the reign of terror.

    The only true cure for this is to end the human race. And that's not possible, much less preferable. Or maybe you want to impose a dictatorship? To have the ability to unilaterally make every "fair" and make everyone follow "fair" rules (in your judgement) is inherently unfair and will only end in more revolution and bloodshed.

    If you won't compromise and you can't create some totalitarian yet paradoxically just society, you're going to have to be pretty clever to come up with a new solution that no one has thought of.

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