More And More People Sign On To The Declaration Of Internet Freedom

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Earlier this month, we took part in the launch of The Declaration of Internet Freedom, which got a fair bit of attention, nearly all of it positive. There were a few critics, but it appears that an awful lot of people and organizations find themselves in agreement with these basic principles and are willing to sign on. Already over 1,500 organizations and 50,000 individuals have signed on, including at least two members of Congress (Ron Wyden in the Senate and Darrell Issa in the House).

There's also been a ton of ongoing discussion, including our own efforts over at Step2. These conversations continue to move forward, with various events being planned around the globe over the next few months to get more people talking about these principles and thinking about what they mean to them and why they're important. Either way, it seems this project is off to a nice start.

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    Mesonoxian Eve (profile), 25 Jul 2012 @ 9:36am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    The problem is, a solution is never a compromise. It's always one-sided, and the favor is rarely the side which is asking for so, so little in the demands.

    Look at the Declaration. Closely.

    The fact we have to even draft it is the problem. I'm not opposed to the models. I'm opposed to the abuse those models continually, over decades, continue to push, as with anyone else.

    What do we call situations to which no compromise is given? Dictatorship? Censorship? There are many.

    To make matters worse: comedy-central-/1#.UBAe4qDuinY

    This isn't a compromise, now is it. These two make millions for CC, and it's parent, Viacom.

    Given the choices of "what can work and what won't", guess where my option rests.

    Again, I can't reason with this.

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