Meet The Internet Defense League (And Join It, Too)

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A bunch of the folks who were instrumental in the SOPA/PIPA fight have been working together over the last few months to build The Internet Defense League, which is launching today. Techdirt is a founding member, along with a number of other organizations and sites, including Reddit, Mozilla, Cheezburger, EFF, Fark, Imgur and more. The process is being driven by the awesome folks at Fight for the Future, who were the ones behind the American Censorship Day effort during the SOPA fight. The launch is today, in part because today is also the day that the new Batman movie opens -- and part of the IDL's concept is that when the internet is at risk, it can shine a "cat signal" to alert the internet to jump in and do something:
Believe it or not, they've actually put together a few of these cat signals in real life, so look around tonight in a few cities and you might see one.

Taking a page from Kickstarter, the IDL has set up various tiers to which you can donate to get your own personal mini-cat signal or a t-shirt or some other fun offerings.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the Hacking Society gathering, put on by Union Square Ventures. During that discussion, Clay Shirky brought up the idea of an "Internet Volunteer Fire Department" and Tiffiniy Cheng, from Fight for the Future, explained the IDL and how they were already working on it. You can watch that discussion to get a sense of the thinking behind this effort:
We're proud and excited to be a part of this effort. We, like many, hope that the IDL is actually a wasted effort and is never actually needed. But, given what we see happening all the time, it seems unlikely that the IDL will never need to be called into action.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward With A Unique Writing Style, 19 Jul 2012 @ 3:58pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What about my freedom to create without being pirated?

    I'm not going to correct you one way or another, because at the end of the day, I was replying to the AC who gave this definition of piracy, "obtaining something of value from another without compensating the rightful owner". End of story as far as I'm concerned. Am I, even if paying for cable or listening to advertisements (and I notice you left out free samples) COMPENSATING THE RIGHTFUL OWNER? Answer, a most affirmative no.

    Which ends that bit as it relates to the original AC's point.

    As for your definition, guess what I do for a living? Or better said one of the things I do for a living. I work in IT. Know what I do on a routine basis? I obtain WITHOUT PERMISSION something that was the result of the work of somebody else. Either firsthand knowledge or software of one sort of another. I do not ask permission to use Microsoft Windows/Office, but we do have licenses for it. But I am not directly asking permission to use it. Nor am I directly asking permission from anyone for any information related to problems that arise in the IT field and information on how to solve them.

    Now, you may say my license to use Windows/Office is enough. But note, you said obtaining something WITHOUT PERMISSION that is the result of somebody else's work. Who'd you ask for permission to use the internet? Was it any of the guys who helped build the internet? Because it is very much a result of their work. In which case, way to go you pirate. And did you ask Tesla for permission to use alternating current? Because it's as a result of his work that you even have the electricity you need to power the computer you're using to respond to me. Want me to go on? I'm more than happy to.

    See how this works? Bad definitions are bad. Piracy has a definition. Suffice it to say it involves water. Copyright infringement can also be directly defined and has. There's no need for any of this BS, beyond the AC trying to make a point, which I quite obviously showed to be both erroneous and stupid, much like the AC.

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