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What Would You Like To Hear In A Techdirt Podcast?

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Many years ago (many, many, many years ago) before "podcasting" existed (actually, before iPods existed), we briefly tried to do a "Techdirt online radio show," which had a terrible name I won't repeat here. We ended up doing two or three episodes, I think -- and the only one that was any good accidentally got deleted right after we recorded it. That said, in the intervening years, the whole podcasting thing sprung up and it's all pretty well established now. We've been tossing around the idea of doing a podcast ourselves. I've got some ideas for what I think it should be... but I'm also curious about what people here would like to hear in a podcast. There's no guarantee we'll end up doing exactly what anyone suggests, but we're hoping it provides some ideas. Would you like to just hear me and some of the other contributors talking about the week's news? Or would you want interviews with interesting guests? Something entirely different? Do you prefer longer podcasts or the quick hit types? Let us know what would be most interesting. Thanks!

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    Anonymous Coward of Esteemed Trolling (profile), 3 Aug 2012 @ 5:06am

    late to the game....would like to be involved

    It has to be fun.

    You should have a "devils advocate" who NEVER breaks character.
    Mock him senseless for his stupidity every cast.
    It has to look legit.
    Setup an anti-piracy blog for him/her and create a standard baddy persona. NOT evil, just stupid, uninformed and lovable for his naivety.

    You also need writers to inject lulz into his argument.
    (finding the right way to say a sentence can make all the difference)

    Format should be...
    The writers, write ridiculous perspectives on the weeks stories for the "baddy", use fallacies and stupid arguments etc... for him to lead the show with.


    1. you mention the story, bring up the topic. (you know more) Ask the "baddy" what does he think.

    2. the "baddy" rambles on with loosely scripted and outlandish opinions that invite you mock him senseless.
    You and whoever else, just respond naturally (unscripted) and with humor, to the mental ramblings of a lovable madman.

    3. you pity him, laugh at, and with him, about his ridiculous thoughts on the stories, while pointing out the truth.

    4. the "baddy" never "gets it", well he "gets some of it" in isolation but as a whole he lacks the mental capacity to understand the bigger picture.

    5. the "baddy" also as a defense, quotes trolls and "simples" in the user comments to get back at you. But always fails.

    If it has a point = Bonus points !

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