Mexico's IP Office Surprised Its Congress By Signing ACTA, And Now Hopes To Win Their Support

from the good-luck-with-that dept

Right after the EU Parliament somewhat emphatically rejected ACTA, there was a report saying that ACTA was pretty much dead in Mexico as well -- especially since the Congress there had been against ACTA since before it was "cool" to be against ACTA. However, the very next day, the Mexican government surprised an awful lot of people by signing ACTA anyway.

Of course, the agreement still needs ratification, and that seems like an uphill battle. However, the Mexican IP Office -- major backer of ACTA -- is now claiming that it believes that the Mexican legislature can be convinced to sign on. Of course, it would help if the Mexican IP Office was even the slightest bit intellectually honest. For example, in explaining its reasons for signing on, it points out that the EU signed on -- which is kind of funny coming so soon after the EU Parliament's wholesale rejection of ACTA. Seems like that would be a point worth mentioning, rather than implying that ACTA was going to be implemented in the EU. This move still has the US's fingerprints all over it. The US needed some sort of "win" for ACTA these days, and coming so soon after the US allowed Mexico to enter TPP negotiations, it's hard not to think that there was some horse trading going on here.

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  1. identicon
    Loki, 16 Jul 2012 @ 11:16am

    Massive public protests cause SOPA to collapse. Next day US government makes high profile seizure of MegaUpload.

    Massive rejection of ACTA by EU Parliament. Next day high profile signatory of Mexico to ACTA.

    In a day and age where information can spread to hundreds of millions of people in a matter of minutes, does the US government really think nobody is going to notice their attempts at bait and switch?

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