The Public Isn't Buying What The Feds Are Selling When It Comes To Cybersecurity Legislation

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We keep hearing US government officials tell us fanciful stories about why we need cybersecurity legislation that paves the way for the government to get access to private information, but the arguments never make much sense. There are vague claims of threats that really seem more like garden variety hackers, and then there are the completely made up threats that are pulled right from Hollywood scripts -- like the claims that an online attack will lead to planes colliding.

A new survey suggests that the public just isn't buying it. 63% of those polled worried about the impact on privacy and civil liberties if we provided greater information sharing with the government. So for all the talk about how there's "bipartisan" support for doing something here, it's not clear that there's really American public support for this kind of thing.

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    TtfnJohn (profile), 13 Jul 2012 @ 12:43pm

    Re: Maybe YOUR Gov't... Not the one I give consent to govern...

    You see there's a bit of a problem with your statement they'd better do it for their own good.

    The changeover in the US Senate is low to almost non existent, the House of Representatives is almost as bad due to wholesale gerrymandering so the politicians are, rightly, unconcerned about finding themselves without jobs en masse when they wake up the morning after the November elections.

    For all that we're considered nice people without a bad thing to say about our politicians by many Americans who have never heard us grumble about our federal or provincial governments and what and unbelievable bunch of congenital morons they are or had a look as editorial cartoonists such as Aslin. Our cartoonists arm themselves with brushes that more resemble spears and japanese swords than pencils.

    Not only that we've also cleaned House quite literally twice in the last 25 years and come close a time or two in between. The 1992 (?) federal election sent the Federal Progressive Conservative Party into a long, well earned oblivion. Last year we sent the Federal Liberal Party into what, with any luck, will be a nearly permanent oblivion of the third party in the House of Commons. With even better luck one day into fourth place. They've more than earned it. Extinction would be even better.

    We do the same thing in Provincial legislatures, too.

    So our politicians are quite aware of the electorate's ability and willingness to send them on long term unemployment. (Unless you were a cabinet minister of course.)

    We're snarky, you see.

    For all the legitimate complaining about the US Congress many of we Canadians are amazed that the US electorate won't or can't be bothered to do the same thing.

    It's far and away the best way to send them the message short of armed revolt. That's not a good option in either country as the government controls the military who, like it or not, are better armed than any of us are. :)

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