Viacom Uses Fans As Hostages: Blocks Daily Show, Colbert Streams For Everyone To Spite DirecTV

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So, as the dispute between Viacom and DirecTV over how much money Viacom wants for its channels wore on, the various Viacom channels like MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodian disappeared for DirecTV subscribers. As often happens in such situations, DirecTV told its customers that they regretted the situation and were working on it, but in the meantime, they could check out missing programs online. Viacom's massive overkill response? Pull the free streams it offers online of two of its most popular shows: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. For everyone. Not just DirecTV subscribers. Because, apparently, pissing off consumers and driving them to unauthorized means, is... um... I don't know... supposedly going to get them on Viacom's side? This is the kind of "strategic" thinking that goes on at Viacom, apparently.
Of course, this really highlights the exceptionally distorted economics of the cable/satellite TV business, where it makes more sense to block your direct relationship with fans and piss them off... in the hopes that it might make the satellite provider to pay you more money. Viacom's new motto, apparently, is: Using our fans as hostages. This is why the TV market is so ripe for disruption.

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    Richard (profile), 12 Jul 2012 @ 8:25am

    Re: Re: Re:

    And the lancashire building contractor industry 70 years ago apparently.

    I'll wheel out Stanley Holloway again for those who missed it before.
    Full story here

    Some choice extracts:

    One day Sam were filling a knot hole
    With putty when in through the door,
    Came an old man fair reeked i'whiskers
    An th'old man said good morning I'm Noah.

    Sam asked Noah what were his business
    And t'old chap went on to remark,
    That not liking the look of the weather
    He was thinking of building an ark.

    He'd got all the wood for the bulwarks
    And all t'other shipbuilding junk,
    Now he wanted some nice birds-eye maple
    To panel the sides of his bunk.

    Now maple were Sams monopoly
    That means it were all his to cut,
    And nobody else hadn't got none
    So he asked Noah three ha'pence a foot.

    A ha'penny too much replied Noah
    Penny a foots more the mark,
    A penny a foot and when rain comes
    I'll give you a ride in my ark.

    But neither would budge in the bargain
    The whole thing were kind of a jam,
    So Sam put his tongue out at Noah
    And Noah made long bacon at Sam.

    Of course things didn't work out for Sam - because of his obstinacy:

    In wrath and ill-feeling they parted
    Not knowing when they'd meet again,
    And Sam 'ad forgot all about it
    'Til one day it started to rain.
    He stood to his watch-chain in water
    On tower-top just before dark,
    When who should come sailing towards him
    But old Noah steering his ark.

    They stared at each other in silence
    'Til ark were alongside all but,
    Then Noah said what price yon maple
    Sam answered three ha'pence a foot.

    Noah said nay I'll make thee an offer
    Same as I did t'other day,
    A penny a foot and a free ride
    Now come on lad what do thee say.

    Three ha'pence a foot came the answer
    So Noah his sail had to hoist,
    And sail off again in a dudgeon
    While Sam stood determined but moist.
    His chin just stuck out of the water
    A comical figure he cut,
    Noah said now whats the price of yon maple
    And Sam answered three ha'pence a foot.

    Said Noah you'd best take my offer
    It's the last time I'll be hereabouts,
    And if water comes half an inch higher
    I'll happen get maple for nowt.

    Eventually DirecTV may get a much better bargain...

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