UK Judge: Samsung Wins Over Apple In Patent Dispute Because Its Tablet Isn't As Cool As iPad

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While the judge in the US banned Samsung's devices claiming it was likely that Samsung violated Apple's patents, there was a different result in the UK... where a judge has decided that Samsung didn't violate Apple's design patent, because it's obvious that Samsung's Galaxy Tab is just not as cool as Apple's iPad.
"They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design," said Judge Birss.

"They are not as cool," he said. "The overall impression produced is different."
Amusingly, of course, this puts Samsung in the position of celebrating its lack of coolness.

In the end, this is the right result, but the reasoning is a bit odd, frankly. When patent disputes are being determined based on a judge's determination of "coolness," it seems like perhaps something is wrong with the system itself.

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    drhead (profile), 9 Jul 2012 @ 5:20pm

    If you were an Apple fanboy, you'd understand.

    For those who are not:
    Apple focuses a lot on simplicity. On most phones you'll find about 50 buttons and ports and slots all around the edges of the phone. On the iPhone, there's only 4 buttons total, 2 ports, and one switch. The SIM card slot is placed in such a way that it is flush with the edge of the phone. Why? Because that's all you need. You usually only need to put in the SIM card once (or never if on Verizon) so it is tucked out of the way. They put in a good battery, so they put that out of the way as well. There is no microSD slot since managing flash storage on a phone can be a hassle, so they made that not a problem (and you should be able to fit plenty on a 32 GB iphone, I couldn't imagine coming close to filling a 64 GB one).
    On the iPad, there are also only 4 buttons (1 on front), 1 switch, a headphone jack and a dock connector. The iPad is also designed in such a way that the buttons on the side aren't visible from the front so they aren't distracting you. There's also no prominently displayed Apple logo on the front like on the Galaxy Tab.
    The operating system also exhibits the simplicity that Apple strives for. I've looked at Android tablets before. When I see the home screen on them, the first word that comes to mind is cluttered. Everything is really crammed together and, in my opinion, that makes it harder to use. One advantage of Android is that it is more customizable, however, this comes at the cost of compatibility issues arising. For iOS apps, apps either work or they don't for a specific device/OS version. For Android apps, developers would have to make apps that work on several resolutions, several hardware configurations, and several devices. As a person who has a custom gaming rig that is better than the computer of most people I know, Android looks a lot like development hell. Apple has a lot of consistency, so I don't have to change the layout of my applications much when the iPad 8 comes out boasting a 4096x3072 screen resolution.

    I might also want to mention that everyone immediately started copying the iPhone as soon as it came out, but I have a feeling I'd lose that debate horribly on here... I'll drop this image here anyway...
    To be honest, if everyone blatantly copied my design like that and fucked up the simplicity at the core like that, I'd want to sue everyone too.

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