Poll Shows Only 9% Of UK Public Think Richard O'Dwyer Should Be Extradited

from the will-of-the-people dept

A poll conducted in the UK has found that only 9% of those surveyed agreed that student Richard O'Dwyer should be extradited to face criminal charges in the US for creating TVShack, a site that let people link to videos hosted elsewhere. So far, the government has been ignoring public cries not to allow the extradition, but this poll really seems to suggest that the public is not too keen on shipping O'Dwyer overseas.
Only 9% of the British public believe he should face trial in the US for his actions, according to the YouGov research. The largest group, 46%, said O'Dwyer should not be prosecuted at all, while 26% felt he should be tried in the UK.
At some point, something has to give. The UK Home Office can't keep pretending that this is a minor issue that it can brush under the rug to keep the American government (and Hollywood) happy.

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  1. identicon
    Dave, 7 Jul 2012 @ 11:02am

    This is first-rate b*llsh*t

    Top-notch cattle excrement here by a government minister (Home Secretary, I do believe) who seems to have no understanding of the law she believes she is upholding. Mr. Dwyer has committed no crime in the UK and probably none in the USA either - certainly done nothing heinous there and then fled the country, in which case, extradition would probably be appropriate. I fail to see how USA law (even if it applies to publishing links, which is doubtful) can possibly be applied to a UK citizen actually living in the UK. As has been said, I and millions of others might be doing all sorts of things which might go against other countries' laws but there is no way they can possibly prosecute. Are "they" going to extradite most of the population? This ruling makes no sense at all and we can only hope his appeal is heard by a judge who knows the law, unlike a certain Theresa May, it would seem.

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