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You Can't Introduce Any Decently Cool Product These Days Without Some Sore Loser Claiming Patent Infringement

from the nokia-edition dept

Google has been getting some buzz for the announcement of the Nexus 7 tablet device, built by Asus. At the Google I/O developer conference, they gave out the device to all attendees. As a press attendee I received a loaner version which I have to return, but in playing around with it for a few days, it seems like a well-designed device and I'm thinking of buying one when they're officially available. But, of course, as with pretty much anything cool or useful these days, some sore loser has to whine about how it's infringing on their patents. This time, it's Nokia bitching about how neither Asus nor Google have licensed its patent portfolio.

Here's the thing: if Nokia invented a device like this, then sell the damn device. If it's better than the Nexus 7 then it will sell better than the Nexus 7. Whining about patent infringement when you can't compete just makes you look like a sore loser. If what Nokia "invented" and patented was so important, bring the product to market and let the market decide. Bitching about how someone made a better product than you and demanding that they pay you money is just pure sour grapes. It may be legal, based on the idiocy of today's patent system, but it sure makes it clear to me why I'd never buy another Nokia product.

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  1. identicon
    Davey, 11 Jul 2012 @ 7:27am

    Running a race backwards

    As a former track and cross-country runner, I see this whole patent problem like a footrace. Rather than putting all their effort and energy into crossing the finish line first, manufacturers are running the race backwards, focusing on the competition and trying to make the other runners stumble.

    The whole race gets bogged down and risks becoming a stalemate, where nobody wants to move forward out of a fear that the minute they take their eyes off the other runners, one will race ahead.

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