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Hackable Irish E-Voting Machines That Cost 54 Million Euros Sold For Scrap: 9 Euros A Piece

from the buy-high,-sell-low dept

For years, we've been pointing out the massive problems of e-voting, and governments' general blindness to the security risks. Of course, beyond the basic fear of fraud, there should have also been concerns about wasting taxpayer money. Apparently those concerns didn't amount to much in Ireland. As Slashdot highlights, Ireland spent €54 million on 7,500 e-voting machines. However, after realizing that there was no way to secure them from being hacked, the government has sold them off for scrap for a grand total of €70,000, or approximately €9 per machine. On the bright side, at least they weren't completely worthless...

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    Atkray (profile), 5 Jul 2012 @ 8:33pm

    Just shows how inept governments can be. If they had someone with even a little skill at marketing they could have sold them for much more on Ebay,

    Up for auction one hackable voting machine, like new condition.

    Tired of not being picked as captain of the team? Use this machine to guarantee victory.

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