Charles Carreon Keeps Digging: Promises To Subpoena Twitter & Ars Technica To Track Down Parody Account

from the stop-digging dept

It would appear that lawyer Charles Carreon is not taking the advice of Matthew Inman to take some time off and calm down. He's still going at it. His latest move is a claimed plan to subpoena both Twitter and Ars Technica to find out who created a fake Charles Carreon Twitter account which parodied Carreon's... um... over the top approach to dealing with people making fun of him online. Twitter will get the subpoena, of course, because that's where the account was. Ars' subpoena is because someone signed up for an account on the site claiming to be the guy who ran the fake twitter account. Ars' Nate Anderson contacted that guy by email who said (1) he lives in Sweden, so good luck, Charles and (2) that he stopped parodying Carreon because Carreon's actual statements were so outrageous they didn't need any parody:
"It became clear to me at one point that I could not keep up with Charles," Modelista wrote. "His comments to the press were more damaging to his reputation than any Twitter parody account could ever be. You cannot mock someone who has such a low regard for his own reputation. Before the @Charles_Carreon account was suspended, I was simply linking to his interviews. Satire was not necessary at that point as Charles was providing it."
One wonders what Carreon must think of the parody blog that has been set up to mock him even more mercilessly at That one clearly notes that it's a satire account. In the meantime, plenty of people have pointed out that Charles himself seems to have done many of the kinds of things he's now accusing others of doing. Take, for example, his call to waterboard Ben Bernanke. It's clearly satire (though, not particularly good satire in my opinion), but seems just as over the top as anything that Inman or the anonymous Twitter user did to Carreon. Actually, Carreon's piece seems like much more direct incitement. And, seriously, if Carreon should be worried about anyone doing damage to his reputation, he might want to look at the person commenting up a storm on our site (and elsewhere) claiming to be Charles' wife Tara Carreon. She's been much more nasty and angry than anything that was directed at Charles.

On the legal front, the EFF has signed up to help with Inman's defense. I'm wondering if Carreon is even going to be able to find any lawyers to help him out on his case. Once again, we'd suggest that Carreon take a step back, cool off, and think through the massive mistake he's making. If he continues, the term the Carreon Effect might just catch on for real.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 22 Jun 2012 @ 4:39am


    "You sir/ma'am have been manipulated by Inman! And are part of his Nazi conspiracy to distract from my husband's crusade against such manipulation! Did I mention my husband through some rather wild and drawn out stories and utterings I've discovered is Spanish Jewish?! Well he is! Also, I run an "internet library" so I don't have to follow the DMCA if I don't want to! Because there is an exemption for "internet libraries"! So ha! Also are you insane? My husband is suing for these charities! Do you believe people should just be able to donate to whomever they please?! I guess that means you think if there's a fund raiser going on that you should have a choice on whether or not you'd like to give money to it as well!"

    That is what she would probably say if she read your comment (and I'm basing that on some of the previous rantings she made, including one where she called me a retard and an idiot for saying and I quote, "your husband is suing two charities for no reason whatsoever"). Because we all know that people can't possibly think for themselves and that the internet is not actually being run by Google and a consortium of Google-like players. Oh no, it is run by Matt Inman, the man with no background (there's a great rant about that online, basically he's like Obama, and they're both either "Intelligence-Agents or children of Intelligence-Agents"). DUN DUN DUN.

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