Charles Carreon Keeps Digging: Promises To Subpoena Twitter & Ars Technica To Track Down Parody Account

from the stop-digging dept

It would appear that lawyer Charles Carreon is not taking the advice of Matthew Inman to take some time off and calm down. He's still going at it. His latest move is a claimed plan to subpoena both Twitter and Ars Technica to find out who created a fake Charles Carreon Twitter account which parodied Carreon's... um... over the top approach to dealing with people making fun of him online. Twitter will get the subpoena, of course, because that's where the account was. Ars' subpoena is because someone signed up for an account on the site claiming to be the guy who ran the fake twitter account. Ars' Nate Anderson contacted that guy by email who said (1) he lives in Sweden, so good luck, Charles and (2) that he stopped parodying Carreon because Carreon's actual statements were so outrageous they didn't need any parody:
"It became clear to me at one point that I could not keep up with Charles," Modelista wrote. "His comments to the press were more damaging to his reputation than any Twitter parody account could ever be. You cannot mock someone who has such a low regard for his own reputation. Before the @Charles_Carreon account was suspended, I was simply linking to his interviews. Satire was not necessary at that point as Charles was providing it."
One wonders what Carreon must think of the parody blog that has been set up to mock him even more mercilessly at That one clearly notes that it's a satire account. In the meantime, plenty of people have pointed out that Charles himself seems to have done many of the kinds of things he's now accusing others of doing. Take, for example, his call to waterboard Ben Bernanke. It's clearly satire (though, not particularly good satire in my opinion), but seems just as over the top as anything that Inman or the anonymous Twitter user did to Carreon. Actually, Carreon's piece seems like much more direct incitement. And, seriously, if Carreon should be worried about anyone doing damage to his reputation, he might want to look at the person commenting up a storm on our site (and elsewhere) claiming to be Charles' wife Tara Carreon. She's been much more nasty and angry than anything that was directed at Charles.

On the legal front, the EFF has signed up to help with Inman's defense. I'm wondering if Carreon is even going to be able to find any lawyers to help him out on his case. Once again, we'd suggest that Carreon take a step back, cool off, and think through the massive mistake he's making. If he continues, the term the Carreon Effect might just catch on for real.

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    Cory of PC (profile), 21 Jun 2012 @ 1:58pm

    New Idea!

    Seeing how things are going, someone out there is going to make a game out of this and it'll be titled "Charles Carreon vs. the Internet," and his starting weapons will be obvious: a shovel, a briefcase and several letters.

    He'll fight off internet trolls on different levels, based off different websites, while trying to earn $20,000 for him and his wife... and maybe FunnyJunk. To win and move on to the next level, you must dig your way out in order to, well, move on. In the end, he'll face off Matt Inman at the final level, a court room, where the final judgment will be lay down and he will earn all of that hard-earned money after successfully "suing" a blog, a donation website, two charities, a micro-blogging site and a tech news site (maybe two if he stumbles upon this site...)

    If you have any ideas you like to submit, feel free to add on. I'm waiting for when Carreon sues me for parodying him in a video game.

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