Apple Store Refuses To Sell To American Citizens Speaking Farsi In Case They Might Send iPhone To Iran

from the policy-is-policy dept

This is just bizarre. Apparently, an Iranian-born American citizen who was speaking Farsi was denied the ability to buy an iPad and an iPhone because store employees cited an Apple policy barring the export of Apple products to Iran.
Jafarzadeh, who is from Virginia, said no one asked him where the phone was going. The employee only questioned his ethnicity.

"I feel like this is a bit of racial profiling against Iranians and I'm appalled," Jafarzadeh said.
It certainly sounds like Apple might want to train some of its employees a bit better in understanding what "export" means. And maybe Apple employees should also be made aware of the fact that American citizens can speak Farsi.

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  1. identicon
    JarHead, 21 Jun 2012 @ 4:46am

    Re: Re: Re: ITARded

    the banned items are of any thing that can be used by their military that has a dual use(so in this case, the ipad/iphone for its encryption capabilities, or perhaps its 3d modeling/rendering capabilities

    Dual use? Many technologies has more than that, and sciences have even much more. Standard atomic model, for instance, has many uses, one of them is the basis of nuclear energy/weapons. Should only US have that knowledge?

    3D modeling and rendering capabilities is a threat to US? That's new.

    The idea of giving either science/technology/goods to nations that are hostile towards you is not a good idea. The level of threat an ipad has is much lower than the secrets of the a-bomb... but still, you don't purposely allow your enemy nations to get your goods/knowledge.

    I do get it, the necessity of ensuring one's nation security. However, like war on drugs and/or piracy, I don't think that approach (ITAR) is effective, other than ensuring US hegemony and involving it in a perpetual war.

    One reason why seemingly many groups and/or country hostile toward US is the perceived self-righteousness and double standard in it's foreign policy, while flaunting it's wealth flamboyantly all the while effectively prohibiting others to reach such wealth independently. This is the perception of others, some then justify their hate with religion. Laws like ITAR doesn't help US image in that front, and then there are guys like that Apple employee.

    I think Mike's CwF+RtB approach is more appropriate in the matter with slight modification: Connect with Rival (CwF) and giving them Reasons to Cooperate (RtC). Continuing to dig the hole named "National Security" won't do anyone good, and don't I get the gist that even US citizen have their movement more and more constrained everyday at an accelerating pace in the name of "Security".

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