Apple Store Refuses To Sell To American Citizens Speaking Farsi In Case They Might Send iPhone To Iran

from the policy-is-policy dept

This is just bizarre. Apparently, an Iranian-born American citizen who was speaking Farsi was denied the ability to buy an iPad and an iPhone because store employees cited an Apple policy barring the export of Apple products to Iran.
Jafarzadeh, who is from Virginia, said no one asked him where the phone was going. The employee only questioned his ethnicity.

"I feel like this is a bit of racial profiling against Iranians and I'm appalled," Jafarzadeh said.
It certainly sounds like Apple might want to train some of its employees a bit better in understanding what "export" means. And maybe Apple employees should also be made aware of the fact that American citizens can speak Farsi.

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    G Thompson (profile), 21 Jun 2012 @ 3:39am

    Re: ITARded

    What a loud of horsehit your ITA law is.

    Your ITAR law is based on the premise that only the USA has this sort of technology or could design/invent this sort of thing, not unlike your "encryption" export laws that were based on the assumption, falsely, that only America had the intelligence to create encryption algorithms.

    It's another example of the USA being a highly parochial entity where anyone who has the audacity to be different is treated as an 'enemy' to control the ineptitude and corrupt practices within your own country.

    Interestingly this doesn't apply to someone in another country where Apple (or any other USA corporation) sells their 'technological marvel' from purchasing it legally and sending it via external mail to friends and family elsewhere in the world. Otherwise maybe Apple and other companies should just:
    1. Invent things in the USA only
    2. Only manufacture in the USA these products (and no where else.. like say China)
    3. Only sell within the borders of the USA to US citizens only
    4. Let the rest of the world carry on with the cultural magnitude that is the other 95% of the worlds human intellect that invents, transforms, and adapts to whatever they want.

    Luckily it seems that Apple's days are numbered as the number 1 provider of communications devices anywhere in the world other than the USA. Samsung (who is now number 1 worldwide) and HTC have better technology, better R&D, and aren't a closed parochial (in the economical sense of the word) than Apple now.

    I agree with your last statement absolutely that this isn't an Anti-Muslim policy per say instead it is an "Anti anyone who doesn't kowtow to American interests" instead.

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