Apple Store Refuses To Sell To American Citizens Speaking Farsi In Case They Might Send iPhone To Iran

from the policy-is-policy dept

This is just bizarre. Apparently, an Iranian-born American citizen who was speaking Farsi was denied the ability to buy an iPad and an iPhone because store employees cited an Apple policy barring the export of Apple products to Iran.
Jafarzadeh, who is from Virginia, said no one asked him where the phone was going. The employee only questioned his ethnicity.

"I feel like this is a bit of racial profiling against Iranians and I'm appalled," Jafarzadeh said.
It certainly sounds like Apple might want to train some of its employees a bit better in understanding what "export" means. And maybe Apple employees should also be made aware of the fact that American citizens can speak Farsi.

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  1. identicon
    Jlohse, 21 Jun 2012 @ 3:22am

    Sanctions Aren't Discrimination

    RACE has nothing to do with NATIONALITY and identifying your nation for the sake of international political sanctions has nothing to do you with you personally. If they have ANY reason to suspect goods are going to Iran, it is a fair question.

    It is so annoying when bitches cry racism whenever they don't get their way.

    It's about the goods going back to Iran. Let's face it, if you are a Iranian student in America, you're lucky to even be able to study there given the sanctions and you're likely returning to Iran, so NO-people won't trust you to say 'it's not going back to Iran with me' and they won't take a risk for your extra-special person.

    The article is very one-sided and cries racism, so immediately conclusions can be drawn about its mysterious author and what they would expect everyone to just eat up and believe like sheep. Very patronizing.

    'Hey kids! You like foreign people, right? Don't be a douche like Apple, agree with me that selling electronic goods to Iran through visitors & family members in America doesn't interfere with sanctions and it's outright RACIST to deny it!' Um...right.

    Why are most statements from Iranian Americans and Iranian interests in America? A heavily biased and unbalanced article. It screams 'Look at how racist America and Apple are!' I would usually ignore this, but just for this article I'm gonna say OPEN YOUR EYES. I think everyone involved understood what this is about and it isn't racism.

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