David Lowery Wants A Pony

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I'm kind of amazed at how many people have been sending over, tweeting or submitting David Lowery's "Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered." Everyone seems to think there's something worth commenting on there, but I can't find it, frankly. Lowery, as we've discussed before, has some nonsensical ideas about the strawman he thinks is "the new music business model" which is somehow worse than "the old music business model." He's both right and wrong. It's "worse" for some people and better for others, but there's one thing that's not debatable: it's not going away.

His letter to Emily is both right and wrong. He exaggerates what Emily actually said, and paints her as some massive pirate, despite the fact that she doesn't use file sharing networks and the gist of her blog post at NPR was basically that she and her generation just don't see the point of "owning" music any more since it's so widely available. Access, not ownership, as they say. But to Lowery, that appears to be a huge sin, because the way a few musicians made money in the past was to sell music, and thus, forever must it be the same.

Toss in some righteous indignation that some tech companies have figured out ways to provide useful services that people want to buy, a confusion over correlation and causation... and suddenly Lowery claims to have made a "moral" argument that we should all go back to paying for music in a world where many people don't see how that makes sense.

Yes, and I'd like a pony too.

Look, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at new business models for content, because I think it's important to support culture. But my focus is on what's working in today's market, not pining for the way things used to be. As Bob Lefsetz eloquently said in response to Lowery:
While we’re at it, why don’t we save the printers’ jobs too. And bring back Smith-Corona. That company had employees…

I believe artists should be paid. But that does not mean they should be paid the same way they used to be
There are amazing new business models that work. What doesn't work is sitting around and pining for the old days or lecturing people on a "morality" that they clearly don't agree with (and its even worse when you try to make them guilty for using services they find useful). That's just not a workable strategy. Again, to Lefsetz:
To be fighting file-sharing is akin to protesting dot matrix printers. File-trading is on its way out. Because it takes too much time to do it. And you don’t fight piracy with laws, but economic solutions. It doesn’t pay to steal if you can listen instantly on Spotify and its ilk.

And please stop bitching about the low payouts… That’s like saying Apple should liquidate and give the proceeds back to its stockholders, which is what Michael Dell so famously said in the nineties. Spotify is a trojan horse. You get hooked, and then you pay for higher quality on your mobile. Facebook stock gets hammered because of its inadequate mobile strategy and you’re not smart enough to see the connection to music??? You can’t get Spotify and its brethren on your handset without paying. And you will. Because you like the convenience of having all your music at your fingertips all the time.
The complaints of low Spotify payouts are a mirage. Go talk to Jeff Price, a guy who knows this stuff better than just about anyone, and let him explain just how the streaming world is developing. There's a huge and growing opportunity here, and people who look at the snapshot view rather than the trends are missing the big picture. The innovator's dilemma teaches us that the old guard always mocks the new players for being too small or not paying enough. But they miss the trendlines for the snapshot. And when the trendlines converge, they get run over.

David Lowery can ask for a pony all he wants, but it doesn't change the reality. Let's focus on the reality of the models that are working and the opportunities to enable more great new things. Lefsetz points out that we should focus on making great music and the other things will start to sort themselves out. Price points out that if we focus on enabling more useful services (the kind that Lowery dumps on) there's a ton of money to be made (more than ever before). There's a world of opportunity there, but David Lowery wants a pony and wants to make a moral example out of a young music lover who just wants to listen to music.

David Lowery wants his pony, sees a tide to hold back, and plenty of windmills to tilt at, but the rest of us prefer to live in the real world.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward With A Unique Writing Style, 19 Jun 2012 @ 6:32pm


    "If you feel like this somehow infringes your freedom of speech I would remind you that you have the entire world wide web to share your opinions about this article. We will from time to time continue to randomly select comments based on our personal whims for publication. We will also respond thoughtfully, nicely, rudely, absurdly or however we feel at the time. Thatís our freedom of expression."

    In other words, if you don't like that we refuse to allow comments that attempt/do prove us wrong, share any point of view contrary to that which we have, or any other thing which we do not like you can get bent and go elsewhere. What do you think this is? A free speech club? No. This is MY website and I will write what I want on my website and anything that is contrary to what I want here will not be allowed. If you don't like it, kindly, fuck off. Regarding comments that do pass moderation and get posted, well... they agree with me and support my position. Which is why they're allowed. Tough cookies to everyone else. And I have the right to do so because this is my website.

    I believe that about sums things up regarding that update. Much like the MPAA blog. Dissenting opinions or those questioning us will not be allowed to post and such things will not be tolerated. Well, at least Lowery is in good (or better said, horrible) company.

    Yet, Mike is the evil one. Of course Mike is willing to actually debate things and allow for differences of opinions to be shared on his site. True freedom of speech and expression right there. Cue the shills who cry "censorship" (despite the repeated and lengthy explanations to the contrary) whenever they come here flaming and/or insulting and get their comments reported. Same shit, different day.

    Oh that Lowery. He sure is a piece of work. A real "fuckface" (a reference some of you who may be new might not get, I'm sure someone will post a link for those who are curious though) if there ever was one. Ooops. Did I just say that out loud? Well, I guess that's my right to free speech and freedom of expression.

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