Flickr Finally Realizes That Not All DMCA Takedowns Are Legit

from the about-freaking-time dept

A few months ago, we noted how in certain cases Flickr would completely delete images (and comments) when it received a DMCA takedown notice. That meant that even if the takedown was bogus -- as so many are -- after you contested the takedown and could put back the image, you probably lost everything else on that page. That's kind of ridiculous. As Jake Rome alerts us, Yahoo (owner of Flickr) finally realized that perhaps it should change its policy and, instead, put the targeted image in limbo to allow the uploader to contest the takedown:
We want to let you know that we have implemented a global change in the standard takedown process that will benefit the whole Flickr community going forward.

When a photo is removed from the site based on a notice of alleged copyright infringement, we will temporarily show a placeholder and the member will have an opportunity to respond before the image is made unavailable.

If the alleged copyright infringement is found to be fraudulent, the image in question will be restored, and the photopage will look like before.
It's really quite amazing that it took this long for Flickr to realize this was needed.

Filed Under: copyfraud, dmca, takedown
Companies: flickr, yahoo

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  1. identicon
    bob, 14 Jun 2012 @ 6:48am

    "Not all DMCA takedowns are legit"? What kind of FUD is this shit? You think rightsholders don't have enough hoops to jump through already? You filthy pirates don't even have any hoops to jump through; you either show up and pay up, or you're guilty and you pay up.

    If I had my way I'd sic John Steele over all of you so hard you'd beg for SOPA.

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