Irish Charity Told It Needs To Pay A License Fee To Link To A Newspaper Article

from the uh,-no dept

Via Mathew Ingram we learn of a ridiculous situation in Ireland, where the organization "Newspaper Licensing Ireland" has sent an email to the Women's Aid charity, telling it that linking to newspaper websites without a license is copyright infringement:
"a licence is required to link directly to an online article even without uploading any of the content directly onto your own website"
The lawyer representing Women's Aid smartly posted its own reply publicly asking NLI to "specify the statutory basis of this claim." It also notes the pricelist, including the fact that NLI seems to think that linking to between one and five articles requires €300 annually. Furthermore, the letter notes the terms of service on various news websites that allow linking -- even though this is really besides the point, since copyright law does not forbid linking in the first place.

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    G Thompson (profile), 31 May 2012 @ 12:56am

    Has anyone read this idiotic Licensing firms FAQ?

    I quote: (via )
    Q: We donít photocopy and/or scan information from these newspapers
    A: If your organisation does not photocopy and/or scan any information from any of the member titles listed above, we would ask you to sign a declaration form affixing your company stamp and return to Newspaper Licensing Ireland Limited, Clyde Lodge, 15 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.[emphasis added]
    Click here to download the declaration form.

    (Note: declaration form pdf link included on original)


    Anyone who signs that so called 'declaration' (which also has very ambiguous wording) is not only going to be on NLI's radar of who to look for, but is a big huge sign on the companies data saying "look at us we can be easily scammed"

    TAC states they might be the Righthaven of Eire, Seeing as how they actually state on their FAQ that "We are in the process of contacting organisations located within the Republic of Ireland who do not have a current licence to photocopy and/or scan sections or cuttings from our member titles as listed above." this leads one to think that they are going above and beyond even what Righthaven was doing.

    The appropriate response to these fools is not only the snark that was in the reply by the solicitors on behalf of the Womens Group, but in the words of Ken @ Popehat

    "Snort my taint!"

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