Insanity: Apple Rejects Podcatching App Because It Has Flattr Integration

from the cutting-off-your-nose dept

One purpose for which micropayment solution Flattr (which we use here on Techdirt) has certainly caught on is providing a way for people to support podcasts. Apparently, simple integration allowing people to designate some money for podcasters has just "felt right" for lots of users who do exactly that. And some podcasting/podcatching apps have tried to accommodate this. Instacast, a popular app for downloading and listening to podcasts on the iOS platform, integrated Flattr back in February, but in early May the arbitrary gatekeepers at Apple rejected the app because the Flattr integration went against Apple's demands that all in-app payments go through its own system. Vemedio (the makers of Instacast) along with the folks at Flattr appealed to Apple that this was ridiculous... but Apple issued a final decision rejecting the app. In response, Vemedio is very reluctantly removing Flattr from its app, meaning podcasters just lost a good way of making money, all because Apple can't control it. More evidence of Apple becoming a rather evil gatekeeper, rather than an enabler of new and interesting ideas.

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Companies: apple, flattr, vemedio

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    G Thompson (profile), 1 Jun 2012 @ 10:12am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Joe if you look at my profile you wills ee I work in the field of Digital Forensics, which means I actually use and analyse on a daily basis anywhere from the latest (had a Samsong Note the other day to look at) to the not so latest (had about 2 months ago a desktop 586 with a 120mb Maxtor drive - still going strong too which was awesome) so I am fairly up to date with current technology and even alpha (or before) technology that is covered by NDA's which I cannot talk about.

    Being also a Distributor, Importer, wholesaler, and retailer of hardware in decades past I have come to one major conclusion and it's the first question I actually ask anyone who actually wants my advice on the "latest and greatest" technological wizardry.

    "What do you want to do with it?" If for example they already have a dual core or even single core desktop/laptop system and they want to upgrade it to a quad i7500 with all the bells and all they are doing is accessing the net and the kids Word processing, some games (most people in Aust have consoles instead) and maybe some photo creation. I say stick to it and maybe if necessary upgrade the HDD's (or even purchase a portable HDD). Just because the newest stuff has all these things, doesn't mean it is a necessity to purchase it. the new SmartPhones and tablets are great as long as they are cost effective and you use them. Otherwise they are just a useless expense that are better served being spent on other wants and needs.

    Also the old way is no different to the new, there are not many products on the market that do any different than their older counterparts. The only thing different in PC's is speed and storage space (both ROM/RAM) but if you notice the origal WP's (Wordstar, WordPerfect, PerfectWrite, Word) they are no different than today other than the bloat. In fact the older DOS/OS2/GEM ones were the same speed, and we still use the same keyboard command structures.

    Progress is great, but progress needs to actually accomplish something that isn't just to show the neighbour that you have the latest shiny new toys that do exactly the same things.

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