Insanity: Apple Rejects Podcatching App Because It Has Flattr Integration

from the cutting-off-your-nose dept

One purpose for which micropayment solution Flattr (which we use here on Techdirt) has certainly caught on is providing a way for people to support podcasts. Apparently, simple integration allowing people to designate some money for podcasters has just "felt right" for lots of users who do exactly that. And some podcasting/podcatching apps have tried to accommodate this. Instacast, a popular app for downloading and listening to podcasts on the iOS platform, integrated Flattr back in February, but in early May the arbitrary gatekeepers at Apple rejected the app because the Flattr integration went against Apple's demands that all in-app payments go through its own system. Vemedio (the makers of Instacast) along with the folks at Flattr appealed to Apple that this was ridiculous... but Apple issued a final decision rejecting the app. In response, Vemedio is very reluctantly removing Flattr from its app, meaning podcasters just lost a good way of making money, all because Apple can't control it. More evidence of Apple becoming a rather evil gatekeeper, rather than an enabler of new and interesting ideas.

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    Ninja (profile), 1 Jun 2012 @ 6:10am

    Re: Re:

    1- true enough, I didn't think about Apple being vengeful. Never happened before ;)

    2- Marked funny for this.

    3- Indeed it's an issue. There needs to be a way to easily update the core from whatever source while keeping manufacturer modifications somewhat intact. Samsung is DAMN slow to update the system. Version 2.3.3 has an annoying bug that when it triggers your battery is drained to death (gotta take it out and wait a few seconds to fully reset the bug) and it seems to be random. Samsung hasn't fixed it yet in their Android version (I'm talking about the Galaxy S). I haven't moved to a Cyanogen build yet but I will. Still, most ppl are stuck with the bugs and security issues. We need a system that is easy to update. Even if you only use what your manufacturer makes available it's no simple task to update. Still, it has a huge user base and I don't see it getting smaller in the near future and I'm sure Google will try to fix the fragmentation issue as much as possible. So it still is a good idea to go Android.

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