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Congress Proposes Giving Another $10 Million To ICE To Censor More Websites For Hollywood

from the not-cool dept

Ever wonder how many of your tax dollars are going to the federal government censoring music blogs based on no real evidence, but just the say so of the RIAA and MPAA? Well, in the newly proposed Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, just introduced in the Senate by Mary Landrieu, the federal government would like to set aside the following for the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) unit that is in charge of being Hollywood's private law enforcement wing:
Provided further, That not less than $10,000,000 shall be available for investigation of intellectual property rights violations, including the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination
Yup. At least $10 million of your hard earned dollars may be going to ICE to help them continue to be Hollywood's private police force, censoring websites without evidence. This is for just one year. You'd think with that kind of money, ICE could actually hire its own actors for the PSAs it's been putting on censored sites, rather than "pirating" a video put together by NBC Universal.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 24 May 2012 @ 9:30am

    It's only a hand out if you give you $10 million to the poor or middle class.

    But if you give money to any of the following then it's not a handout!
    -Stopping IP theft for the companies that own the IP.
    -Stopping people from buying illegal drugs that there's a market demand for.
    -Wall Street companies that are in danger of going bankrupt from too many risky bets (don't get this confused with giving money to poor individual gambling addicts who lost all their money at casinos or playing state lotteries! Giving them money is a handout!).
    -Banning government run Medicare from negotiating better prices for prescription drugs just like any other private insurance company would.
    -Giving people in hurricane prone areas free hurricane insurance AFTER a hurricane strikes, simply because a pro-free market US congressmen owned a house in the hurricane prone area (don't get this confused with areas that DON'T have influential US congressmen living there, that would then make it a hand out).

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