Boom: Jury Says No Patent Infringement By Google In Oracle Case

from the there-goes-that-one dept

Remember back when Oracle was claiming that Google owed it billions of dollars for infringing on Oracle patents and copyrights? Yeah. Forget that. The jury just said that there's no patent infringement at all and the judge has dismissed the jury. All that's left in this phase of the case is for the judge to make a determination over the copyright issue -- and if he decides APIs cannot be covered by copyright, Oracle will have a complete and total loss. Of course, Oracle will almost certainly appeal, but this case has turned into something of a complete disaster for the company.

Groklaw has the details with "no" answers across the board:

Question 1: has Oracle proved by preponderance of evidence that Google infringed?

Claim 11: not proven
27: no
29: no
39: no
40: no
41: no

Question 2: not proven

1: no
20: no

Question 3: no answer, no response, not applicable.

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  1. icon
    gorehound (profile), 23 May 2012 @ 2:16pm

    Re: API copyright, yes?

    Sounds great to me and I am a born and bred American at that.just that our Government does not Represent its People at all but they do Represent their own wallet, their own power, and their own Party.
    And they sure do not seem to be a friend to any Company who wants to innovate.The Patent System is a joke.All of us know that one for a fact.They do nothing to stop the assault of Patent Troll after Patent Troll.And they were willing to sell out Tech & The People with their SOPA/PIPAS Krap.I have really gotten to hate this Government so much and millions also do with me so I am not just some lone cookoo.I wish I did not feel this way as I love my Country but the Government certainly needs a real wake up call so yes.................move the new Tech to Nations who want them and will not do to them what is done to them here and if Europe is the answer then let em go there and start their new life.And if Europe is not maybe another Nation would love to see them there.

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