US Gov't Thinks Censorship Is Bad, Unless It's Paid For

from the funny-how-that-works dept

Aaron DeOliveira sends over an amusing statement summarizing the US government's views towards "censorship" on various issues:
Person: Hey, there are child porn sites everywhere!

Government: We are working on it.

Person: Hey, there's these pro-anorexia sites telling young girls to starve themselves!

Government: W/e. (editor's note for the old people: this means "whatever")

Person: Hey, registered hate groups like the KKK have websites!

Government: Well we can't stop them.

Person: I downloaded a movie from ThePirateBay.

Government: PIRATED MOVIES HARMING NOBODY? Time to censor the Internet!
It may seem quite amazing that the government seems to have a massive blindspot to how copyright conflicts with the First Amendment, but one big difference (of course) is that it's only that last situation that has a group of legacy industry players with strong lobbyist ties to DC pushing for such censorship to protect their outdated business models. And, suddenly, the rest of the chat makes a lot more sense.

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    Rikuo (profile), 21 May 2012 @ 7:24am

    Re: Re: Re:

    From the 1920's onwards, it was only movie studios that had the capability to produce movies. Thus, any cases of copyright infringement were limited to either movie studios or those who could afford the bulky and expensive equipment necessary to copy movies illegally.
    Now, its the year 2012 and anyone with a computer and internet connection can publish anything they desire. Video cameras are cheap and plentiful, as is editing software. So is storage, a la Youtube.
    Yet, copryight law, in the form of the DMCA, allows anyone to claim that any video is infringing. Youtube, not wanting to be sued, will pull that video down.
    There you have it. A clear case of a conflict between the First Amendment and copyright law.

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