If You're In Silicon Valley, Come Talk With Rep. Jason Chaffetz About How We Prevent Another SOPA

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As many of you remember from the SOPA debates in Congress, one of the loudest voices speaking out against the bill was Rep. Jason Chaffetz. His repeated admonition in the House Judiciary Committee concerning how ridiculous it was to proceed without hearing from actual technical experts -- i.e., "the nerds" -- got plenty of well-deserved attention (including from Jon Stewart, who wryly noted that the nerds in this case meant "experts"). Rep. Chaffetz will be coming to Silicon Valley on Thursday, May 24th, for a roundtable lunch discussion, put on by the Congressional Internet Caucus, as a part of their excellent 2012 State of the Net West Townhall Series. These free events have been a great way to interact with policy makers, so if you're in Silicon Valley, I highly recommend signing up and stopping by. I'll be there, and as with all of the Congressional Internet Caucus events, I expect plenty of other interesting attendees, and expect a useful and lively discussion with Rep. Chaffetz about how we prevent another SOPA situation, as well as various other issues impacting innovation and technology.

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  1. identicon
    Mason Wheeler, 22 May 2012 @ 10:23am

    Re: Bill for the Users

    If this is what we want--and I agree, it's sorely needed--what we need to do is undermine the foundation of SOPA. Its abusive provisions didn't come from nowhere; they're built upon the DMCA. And until we repeal and reverse the abusive provisions of the DMCA, people will continue to use it as a base to build more abuses on top of.

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