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Okay, this one's just for fun, but seeing that Canadian national newspaper the Globe & Mail has announced that it's following on the pointless trend of putting metered paywalls up for online publications, and announcing it like it's a big deal, we figured it might be nice to remind people that some (actually, er, most) online publications are still doing just fine publishing for free. But, if they can get news out of making life worse for their readers and community, why can't we make some news out of the fact that we like to treat our community right, and let them read our stuff for free, and freely share it and talk about it? I don't see how making life more difficult for readers, limiting them, demanding that they pay and letting them do less in terms of sharing the content will do much to make people more interested in the site. As for the claims that the Globe & Mail is struggling, as Globe alum Mathew Ingram points out, perhaps they shouldn't be building new office space...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 11 May 2012 @ 7:58am

    Re: Re: John Doe to not charge news outlets for his time or eyeballs

    All businesses want to be able to monetize like music labels and banks do, especially banks.

    In retail it would work like this.
    How much is this chocolate bar? - 50 cents
    I'll buy it, here's a dollar. - and here's your 20 cents change
    20 cents, the bar is 50 cents I should get 50 cents change - - Well you did check the price with us sir, our price confirmation charge is 10 cents.
    That's ridiculous and it doesn't even explain the other 20 cents you weren't giving me - That would be the cash handling charge Sir
    I want to speak to the Manager - Certainly Sir, that'll be 20 dollars, or you can leave him a note if you prefer.
    And how much would that be - It's on special today Sir, only $7.50


    All the newspapers want is for you to pay to read the advertisements that they get paid to show you, it's not a big ask really is it?

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