Game Of Thrones On Track To Be Most Pirated Show Of 2012; Pirates Still Asking HBO For Legitimate Options

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Much like the North, Game of Thrones cannot be held—it's too big and too wild. Matthew Inman warned HBO that they should make their content more accessible or risk driving people to piracy, but that isn't really HBO's style. Now jilocasin points us to the news that Game of Thrones is well on track to be the most torrented show of 2012, and nobody can deny that HBO's foolish subscriber-only distribution is a primary reason for that. Approximately 25-million times have people decided to pay the iron price for the show, and as the comments on Reddit attest, it's often because the gold price wasn't even an option. Others pay for the show but still pirate for the sake of occasional convenience:

Sometimes I just want to fire up an episode and watch it on my laptop immediately and with mobility as I'm wandering around the house, and not worry about streaming/quality issues or finding a disk, setting up the DVD player etc. I am truly lazy.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones continues to have great ratings. And the torrent piracy count doesn't include streams, which are also hugely popular, so it only represents a fraction of the pirate world. Why not create new ways to legitimize some of those viewers, especially considering so many of them have said they want to be legitimized? I still contend that HBO-style shows owe a lot to piracy for their cultural dominance, because, if they were actually as exclusive as HBO wants to pretend they are, they would have had a much harder time gathering fans. But HBO co-president Eric Kessler thinks cord-cutting is a fad, so like most characters in the show, he's fighting silly battles while ignoring what's really going on.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 11 May 2012 @ 7:30am

    Re: Legitimate versions? Try getting a cable subscription!

    Really? So your response to "hey, we want to pay for your show but we don't want to pay for cable" is "get cable you cheap pirates"? Wow. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly say anything stupider... and for you that's almost impossible for me to say.

    The people asking for a legitimate version of the show are asking for it to be available either on iTunes or through Netflix or through HBO itself. They want to pay to watch the show. They just don't want to have to subscribe to cable/satellite and then subscribe to HBO just for one tv show which airs only one time per week (insofar as one new episode per week, not necessarily just one time per week).

    "How would Mike feel if we broke into the Techdirt CMS and took stories that weren't available to the public yet? He would be screaming about how this was violating his privacy etc etc. Yet here he his championing people who break into HBO's admittedly big CMS with an admittedly huge set of authorized members. "

    I can't with certainty say how Mike would feel, but I'm sure his first concern would be security related. How did they break in? What exactly did they take? And so on and so forth. But I don't see how he's championing for people to break into HBO's CMS. He's stating facts. People are pirating the show. People want to pay for the show. They have no legitimate means to do so, beyond "buy cable" as you not so eloquently put it.

    "Face it. You can either either be champion of privacy or a champion of piracy but you can't be both because, at its core, piracy is just violating the private files of the content creators."

    bob only in you're deluded world is Mike a champion for piracy. By saying "piracy happens, you can't kill it completely but you can focus on the people who want to pay etc etc etc", Mike is stating things as they are, he's being a realist. He is NOT however being a "champion of piracy". And sorry, but "piracy is just violating the private files of the content creators" is a CROCK OF SH*T. If those files were private they WOULD NOT be able to be pirated. Once something is released to the world in any form it is no longer private. A tv show, aired on television is MOST DEFINITELY NOT the "private files of the content creators".

    And the fact that you can't distinguish the difference between Mike's stories on a server which haven't been released to the public yet and a tv episode that has already been broadcasted multiple times to the public says just how out of touch with reality/proper analogies you are.

    "Your music's bad and you should feel bad!" - Dr. Zoidberg

    That quote came to mind when I read what you wrote. Except I'd change "music" to "argument/comment".

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