Indian ISPs Told To Block Access To Vimeo

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A few months ago we wrote about Indian ISPs being told to block (entirely) access to Megaupload (when it still existed) and BTJunkie. It seemed like overkill to block entire sites, but it appears that such censorship is expanding. There are reports in India of ISP-level blocks, ordered by the government, of a ton of sites. Many of these are torrent search engines and cyberlockers... but they also include Vimeo, one of the most popular video sites for filmmakers. This seems like another case of massive overkill by a government that has no idea what it's doing. It's amazing just how many overkill censorship attempts we've seen lately all in the name of copyright holders.

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  1. identicon
    Jeremy Butcher, 24 May 2012 @ 10:35pm

    The solution is to download the Tor Browser Bundle from :

    Close your browser.
    Unzip this portable file to a suitable location like non System partition ( Drive other than the C:\ Partition) or pendrive.
    Run the “Start TOR Browser.exe” file from the “TOR Browser” Folder to launch a secure version of Firefox Portable.
    It takes time to open since it directs your request through a Tor network of IP Addresses and exits in another country as a different IP address from your own.
    Hence you can access any of your “forbidden” sites to which access has been blocked on the basis of the High Court order.
    Other option is UltraSurf but it is slightly suspicious based on net reports.

    Legal Disclaimer :
    Distributed in public interest for educational purposes only.
    Users requested to exercise caution and use it for legitimate purposes only.

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