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FBI Stops Yet Another (Yes Another) Of Its Own Terrorist Plots; This Time: Anarchists!

from the anarchists-running-amok dept

Following our post about the NY Times highlighting how the FBI seems to spend an awful lot of time foiling its own terrorist plots, some of our commenters pointed us to the news that the FBI has done it again (just in time to coincide with our story), arresting five individuals in a plot that appears to have been coordinated by the FBI itself. Even though some of the "anarchists" arrested expressed concerns about how resorting to violence would help, the FBI helped supply fake explosives and that appears to have convinced the group to move forward with its "plot." Prior to that, they seem to have had little actual ability to do much of anything, other than thumbing through The Anarchists' Cookbook and talking about what they'd like to do.

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    chelleliberty (profile), 2 May 2012 @ 10:38pm

    Imagined press conference (with imagined actual journalist):

    Reporter: "But, wasn't the informant, whom you are primarily relying upon for your information, actually paid over $6,000 by the FBI and later jailed for passing bad checks even though you were aware that, of his convictions on robbery and at least three other time on passing bad checks?"

    FBI Spokesperson: "Umm... But, terrorism! Mohawk!"

    Reporter: "And didn't this paid informant (contractor?) basically entice these folks into planning acts they had never thought of on their own and would likely have never done so had it not been for your informant plans created by the FBI?"

    FBI Spokesperson: "But... but... Topple! Bridge! 'Occupy!'..."

    Reporter: And weren't you just reprimanded by a judge in September about a similar case, saying the 'essence' of the operation was that you 'created acts of terrorism out of the fantasies and the bravado and the bigotry of [those involved]', that you 'made them terrorists,' and that she was 'not proud of [her] government for' those actions?

    FBI Spokesperson: "Well... Um... Anarchist's Cookbook!!... ANARCHISTS!!!"

    Reporter: "And ... mrrffle pfrrt ..."

    FBI Spokesperson: "Any more questions? No? Okay, well, I want to thank all of you for coming today to help us get the word out about how we're keeping America safe."


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