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More Righthaven IP Up For Auction, Including The Name Righthaven

from the sports-and-porn dept

When one of the many judges smacking down Righthaven ordered that the company's intellectual property be auctioned off, we wondered just what that would actually include, since it's not clear whether Righthaven really owns any copyrights, or any intellectual property beyond its own trademarks. The domain name was the first item sold, and now Lara Pearson points us to the news that another selection of Righthaven IP is now up for sale on eBay.

The list itself is pretty amusing, apparently comprised of two porn movies and a selection of newspaper articles about sports (presumably from the Las Vegas Review Journal). Of course, as we noted originally, even though these copyrights are registered in Righthaven's name, it's likely that they aren't actually valid or enforceable, since the whole crux of the Righthaven saga is that many of the rights transfers to the company were shams, so the original copyright holders still control the works. Buying one of these registrations at auction is a way to own a piece of copyright trolling history, but it's probably not going to make you the legal owner of Ebony Amateurs Vegas Edition #10.

Also up for auction is the trademark on the name Righthaven itself. When sold, it was turned into a service offering "hosting with a backbone" in a somewhat ironic use of the domain. I suspect we'll see something similar happen with the Righthaven trademark, since the company's dismal reputation and long list of legal failures makes it a pretty unappealing brand for any purpose other than parody or satire.

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  1. icon
    SUNWARD (profile), 2 May 2012 @ 9:32pm

    auctions end May 3

    the only auction that has any bids is for the trademark, currently at 1,025.00 with 7 bids. Rest are just there. d907326

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