Dan Bull's Free Single Hits The Charts

from the not-bad dept

Last week we wrote about Dan Bull's experiment to release a song, "Sharing is Caring" for free via The Pirate Bay (and other sites) and to see if he could still get it to show up in various charts. As we discussed, it definitely was making its way onto the lists of Amazon UK's top hip hop sales. And, on Sunday, the official UK charts came out -- with Sharing is Caring coming in at number 9 on the Indie singles chart and number 35 on the RnB singles chart.
In both cases, "Sharing is Caring" was the top new entrant on both of those charts. While some will say that not making the pop charts suggests this was a failure, it sure looks like a ton of folks were happy to support Dan's effort. As for the US charts, those have a weighted system that includes radio airplay, meaning that there's simply no way Dan could get listed, because he's not going to play the payola game to get on the air. Either way, it was a great experiment, and a job well done by Dan.

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    That One Guy (profile), 30 Apr 2012 @ 1:17pm

    As long as I'm going to be banging my head against a wall, may as well play village idiot here for a bit and beat the trolls to posting. Let's see how many shill 'points' I can rack up...

    Just like Marcus to completely miss the point. And btw I'm still waiting for you to publicly post every detail of your life and job to establish your credentials, and until you do I'm just going to ignore everything you say.

    But see, none of that actually counts, because he's completely skipped out on posting on Authorized channels!

    Obviously since he didn't go the smart route and signed up to get his music distributed by (whoever is in place of the RIAA over there) his music is completely terrible, since everyone knows if you're signed up to a major label that means you're a good musician!

    The only possible way he could have gotten that high up on his own was having a bunch of pirate freetards just downloading the file multiple times, and since they probably used Big Search to find it Google is once more encouraging people to steal from artists.

    (I take it back, that was actually kinda fun, though still made my head hurt to read it after)

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