Microsoft Slowly Backing Away From CISPA Support; Worries About Privacy Issues

from the take-a-stand dept

One of the key points that backers of CISPA had made throughout the debate on the bill was that it had the support of the "tech industry" -- with Facebook and Microsoft being the key supporters of the bill. Of course, a few weeks ago, Facebook re-pledged its support for the bill... but also stated that it was aware of the privacy concerns and that it would work with lawmakers to fix the bill. Seeing as it's not clear that much was really done to fix the bill, does that mean Facebook may drop its support?

Similarly, Microsoft is now admitting that there are some privacy concerns with CISPA and has softened its stance on it slightly, while not completely pulling its support. Declan McCullagh at CNET reports:
In response to queries from CNET, Microsoft, which has long been viewed as a supporter of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, said this evening that any law must allow "us to honor the privacy and security promises we make to our customers."

Microsoft added that it wants to "ensure the final legislation helps to tackle the real threat of cybercrime while protecting consumer privacy."
This sounds similar to what Facebook was saying. Of course, what's not clear is why they're unwilling to pull support from the bills until such changes are made. Either way, combined with the fact that a few CISPA sponsors even voted against the bill suggests that -- even though it may have passed the House -- support for the overall bill is eroding. That's important, as the fight now moves to the Senate, where the existing cybersecurity proposals are quite different.

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  1. identicon
    FM Hilton, 30 Apr 2012 @ 4:19pm


    It's not a matter of burnout from reading about CISPA-I'd say that it is more a matter of not being informed enough to make a judgement about it.
    The government would just as soon not have the peons of this country know about this bill.
    They rushed it through to make sure nobody heard about the many problems it has. That way it will get through the process faster-but more as more information becomes available on how horrible this bill is, the more likely an awful lot of people will sit up and notice.

    Got a minute? Call, write or email your Senator to protest this bill and make sure they know they're being watched on their vote. It's coming up in the Senate for a vote. Don't assume they won't vote on it. They will in a heartbeat, and for it.
    They're that stupid and clueless.

    Otherwise you're just wasting your time posting your opinion. Part of the rights of being a citizen of this country is the obligation to participate in the events that are going on in Washington.

    We haven't sold it to the highest bidder, yet, from what I understand-although it sure feels like it most days.

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