El-P Embraces Early Leak Of New Album, True Fans Vow Support

from the that's-how-it's-done dept

I had a nice moment when I saw this and hesitated to write about it. As we see more and more and more artists (even Metallica!) embrace early leaked copies of their albums, it's getting less and less newsworthy—which is fantastic. Still, I was pleased to see that rapper/producer El-P (one of my personal all-time favorite artists, who I was lucky enough to interview briefly years ago) had a great reaction to the leak of his much-anticipated new album, expressing his support and offering up some reasons to buy:

elephant in the room: i know a lot of yall already got the album. im ok with that. if you enjoy it and can afford to support me doing more music hit up www.definitivejux.net and pre order. there are dope deals on there. love, el

The pre-order packages include some cool, if somewhat basic, extras like signed posters and limited edition colored vinyls. Judging from the reaction in the comments of the Facebook post, plenty of fans have downloaded it but still want the official copy, and some are even vowing to wait for its release rather than listen to the leak. One states that even if he didn't like the new album he would still buy it "as a thank you for your sonic contribution to my life". Now that's what true fandom looks like—and artists who cultivate it don't have to worry about leaks and piracy.

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    MSC (profile), 30 Apr 2012 @ 5:29pm

    Unacceptable response

    Dear El-P,

    What have you done?! You can't encourage people who've illegally downloaded a leaked copy of your new album! Encouraging your fans may lead to engaging with them which in turn could lead to all sorts of naughty behavior, such as cultivating a strong fan base giving people a valid reason to buy.

    This situation is totally unacceptable and we insist that you retract your statement and replace it with a vow to "hunt down the dirty scumbag(s) who leaked my work without my authorization and consent" and then to "prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law." Failure to comply with these directives will prevent you from attaining Official Douchebag status with our organization and may lead to a further increase in your fan base.

    Your actions are a threat to middlemen and out-dated dinosaurs everywhere. Not only are you endangering the flow of ill-gotten gains into our coffers, you are supporting terrorism and pedophiles!

    We trust your compliance with our demands will occur swiftly.


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