Can CISPA Be Fixed?

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We've been arguing for quite some time now that we'd like to see the actual evidence for why a "cybersecurity" bill is actually needed. We've heard fearmongering and warnings of planes falling from the skies, but no evidence that there's a real problem here -- or, if there is a problem, that it needs a legislative solution. And yet, still, CISPA moves forward. Of course, while we still believe that some amendments could fix some of the more egregious problems with CISPA, there is still the big question of whether or not it's needed at all. Larry Downes has taken on the question of whether or not CISPA can be fixed and has decided that it cannot be, and that it represents a real threat to some key elements of the internet ecosystem. He lists out some key rules for policy makers (and goes into great detail on each, so click through):
  • Don’t legislate technology using definitions that are either too specific or too general
  • Don’t legislate technology until you can articulate concrete and calculable harms
  • Don’t encourage or require information sharing with the government unless it’s unavoidable
All of this seems quite reasonable... which is why it's an uphill battle to get people to follow through on it.

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    Chosen Reject (profile), 26 Apr 2012 @ 11:51am

    Re: Re: Broke needs fixed.

    What a senseless waste to just throw them out like that. Utah and Idaho have Kidneys Kars, I don't see why the US couldn't do a Kidney Kongress thing. I'm sure at least half of our congress critters have harvestable organs.

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